Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Small Town Named Lubok Antu

Maybe a lot may never heard about the small town named Lubok Antu before. But if I tell you this is the town where the upcoming Sarawak by-election will be held, now did you have some idea about it?

Yeah! This is the town which will become center of attention by Malaysian on 7th of April 2009 where Batang Ai by-election will be held after the current assemblyman passed away because of stroke.

I happened to pass by this small town last week when we were heading to Batang Ai Dam thanks for the kindness of my 2nd auntie who spared her busy time just to fetch us here for a visit.

Lubok Antu is actually a district in Sri Aman division and it is about 82KM or around one hour plus driving distance from Sri Aman. It is just a very small town with 2 rows of old shop lots.

[Old shop houses in Lubok Antu town center]

[Another old shop houses view]

Just opposite one of the old shop houses is "People square" or Dataran Rakyat. Nothing much there besides a small stage and malfunction giant clocks!

[Dataran Rakyat]

[A mini stage and malfunction clocks in front of Dataran Rakyat]

Beside the Dataran Rakyat is Lubok Antu local council's market. It is actually a food court.

[Market Majlis Daerah Lubok Antu / food court]

There is a mini park and a public toilet just behind the council's market. Inside the mini park, there is a tower, about 3-storey's height where you can climb up the stairs and enjoy the river view.

[The tower inside the park]

However, when I climbed up to the top, I noticed that the tower's floor was covered by bird's dropping! It was really disgusting! Local council should do something on this or the tourists will scare the hell out of it! (If there is any) ;p

[The floor covered with bird's dropping. Disgusting?]

[A view from the tower]

[River view from the tower]

There is also a Pasar Tamu (Native market) just beside the food court. I think that almost describe all about how Lubok Antu town center looks like.

[Pasar tamu]

[A Lubok Antu street view]

Anyway, if you drive a little deeper into the town, you will notice there was a giant construction going on. It was a 14 or 15 storey's concrete structure building in progress! What can you do for such a big building inside a small town like this? I really felt weird and curious about it. Heard it is some building for the use of police forces. I think we even hardly found such tall building in Sibu! ;p

[Giant construction in progress]

[The structure looks like condominium]

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