Thursday, March 19, 2009

My KL Office

I not gonna write much here but just wanna share with you all about my KL office. It is located inside at 24th floor of UOA Center building.

The building is heavily guarded. There are smartly uniformed security guards at each entrance and you need to have Proximity access card in order to enter the building.

[One of the "heavily guarded entrance in UOA building]

[Access card into the UOA buidling]

[Lift to 24th floor]

This is how my office space looks like. It is a suite based office space.

[Reception space]

[Main working space]

[Meeting space]

Here are some views from my office's balcony at 24th floor. Petronas Twin Tower, Maxis building, Suria KLCC and KL Conventional Center just "opposite".

[Petronas Twin Tower, Maxis, Suria KLCC and KL Conventional Center]

Then there are other tall buildings around.

A new construction is in progress just beside KL Conventional Center.

Other tall buildings around the UOA office area...

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