Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Birthday In KL

Today is actually my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!! My age? A secret ok?

Don't have any special celebration for my birthday as I am in KL now. In fact even if I am in my hometown, there won't be any special celebration as well because normally I will just celebrate my lunar calendar birthday and not the Gregorian calendar one.

My family did celebrate my lunar calendar birthday just a day before I flied to KL. As usual, my mother cooked "Mee sua" or "So mian" for me and family. The one having birthday deserved a big big drum stick!!

[Chicken soup mee sua/so mian]

[Giant drum stick for birthday kid!]

Then my mother also prepared boiled eggs. Birthday guy get to have 2 but others only one each!

[Boiled eggs - a must in birthday celebration]

On my lunar calendar birthday this year, coincidentally my 2nd sister and brother-in-law were back home for break. So they bought me a birthday cake, a very nice one but I forgot its name.

[Nice cake from my 2nd sister and brother-in-law]

[The lunar calendar birthday's cake]

Oh no! My birthday today will be over in just about 5 minutes time! Although I didn't have any special celebration today, but I felt appreciate because I got some "birthday gifts"!

First I got this Colgate Plax for free when I was walking to have lunch with my colleagues! Some leng loi gave me this! I got one when went for lunch then another when i was back to office! Isn't it sounds good? I just treat these as my brithday presents from leng loi lo! ;p After all, we shall live our life positively, don't we?

[My birthday present from leng loi! 2 bottles of Colgate Plax]

[Colgate Plax free sample that I got on my birthday]

Then, I bought myself a birthday gift as well! Guess what? It is a computer mouse!! I had been surveying a cheap, nice and pretty (Peng, leng, Jan) computer mouse in Lowyat Plaza on weekend and today I just happened to went there with my colleagues during lunch hour, so I managed to get it as my birthday present! Sounds good right?

[Birthday present to myself - a cheap mouse]

The mouse is just a cheap one, RM16 with 3 months warranty! But I like its shape and it is more ergonomics looking. I tried it and it is really not bad to hold! Thanks myself for the birthday present! (Actually I need a mouse for the notebook I used now! ;p )

[Ergonomics looking mouse]

I would also like to thanks all my friends and siblings who remember my birthday and wished me either through SMS, call or email! I love you all, you all make my day!

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to ahwen,
Happy Birthday to me!!!


  1. oooh shit loh, we even dont know your birthdate, hahhaha, happy birthday to you.

  2. 降可憐

  3. Oh shit! I just read ur post now, Happy belated Birthday!
    Yesterday was lunar calendar 30th Feb, rite? But I found that there's no 30th Feb on your birth yr leh(can I expose the yr, haha)?
    Anyway, yr gregorian bday shud be ard 7th April, rite? Ask Sparkish and Foxking to treat u makan, haha.
    Yr mouse is cheap yeah, but looked not bad :P Got wireless mouse less than RM20 or not, if got can help me buy or not :P

  4. Thanks everyone...

    Toh... I think you misunderstood already... yesterday is my Gregorian calendar birthday and not chinese one... chinese one already over... hehehe...

    Yes.. the mouse not expensive but the shape look comfortable. that's why i bought. Wireless less than RM20? I think you are dreaming... ;p

  5. Damn, sorry for that, didn't read carefully the front part cos attracted by the chicken mee sua and drumstick :P

  6. happy belated b'day to u too.. just read ur blog yet ~^~


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