Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Fuel Price Deduction?

Sounds like a good news from our "caring" government again! I think most of you know this already, starting tomorrow, 12am 1st November 2008, fuel price in the country will be deducted by 15 cents respectively.

As usual, I will put a record here to keep track on the price changes from time to time.

Fuel CategoryOld Price(RM)New Price(RM)Drop(RM)
RON97 Petrol2.302.150.15
RON92 Petrol2.202.050.15
[Fuel price effective on 1st November 2008]

I just wonder when the price can drop to RM1.92 or lower as international crude oil price already dropped below USD70 per barrel which is even cheaper than when our country sold the fuel at RM1.92 per litre.

Will the government also announce reduction of houses or properties price? HAHA... maybe I am dreaming..


  1. they have taken all the sweets from us, and now they are giving it back to us ONE BY ONE... are we all 3-year-old? hahaha...

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