Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Face On Newspaper!

Today my face was on newspaper. It is about the topic "If I have 20 millions..." which I told you all about last night.

I received overwhelming feedback from family and friends around. Early in the morning, I already heard my family member told me "You are on newspaper!". Then when I went to office for another round of "Charity OT", my immediate supervisor told me, "Eh! You not bad, you are on the newspaper today!". I asked him, "What? You also saw it?". He replied me, "Why not? Your face are so big in the newspaper, of course I can see it!". ;p

Then throughout the day, I received some sms and a call from friend asking me about it. Gosh! I was so shy... I don't mean to attract so much attention. I just wish to help a friend complete her write up.

+++++++++ Just a note ++++++++++

In my life till this moment, I only have few chance to show my face on the newspaper. First time was in my primary six when I achieved straight As in UPSR examination.

Second time also in primary six, I was representing Sibu in under-12 inter-division volleyball competition. Sibu won the champion in that competition. Then I was further selected to represent the state for Under-12 1st National Mini Volleyball Championship held in Kuala Lumpur. Sarawak was the double-champion for that tournament!

[Sibu boys team posting after winning the champion beaten the home team Maradon]

[Sarawak team at state flag handing over ceremony]

[Few state players were interviewed at the press conference]

Then, it was in my transition class. I was selected to receive "Tunas Jaya" award (formerly known as "Tokoh Kanak-Kanak" award) at World Children Day Celebration held in KL. It was resulted from my outstanding performance in academic and co-curriculum activities. I was dominated by my school teacher when I was in primary 6.

Anyway, those are just old stories to share not to show off. I had a successful childhood but now I am just an ordinary person without any outstanding achievement in my life. Isn't it sad?


  1. Wen,
    Wa, so cool, you are in the newspaper again.

    Don't say you are just an ordinary person, coz I believe everyone is special in their own way. No one is as special as 'you'. You know, dajie and family have been very proud of your achievements since young till now. To me, you are a always a wonderful brother.

    Suddenly think of this song and would like to share this one of my favorite song with you:
    When You Believe

    Many nights we’ve prayed,
    With no proof anyone could hear.
    In our hearts a hopeful song,
    We barely understood.

    Now we are not afraid,
    Although we know there’s much to fear.
    We were moving mountains long,
    Before we knew we could.

    There can be miracles,
    When you believe.
    Though hope is frail,
    It’s hard to kill.
    Who knows what miracles,
    You can achieve.
    When you believe,
    Some how you will.
    You will when you believe.

    Easy to despair,
    When all you hear is fear and lies.
    Easy just to run and hide,
    To frightened to begin.

    But if we dare to dare,
    Don’t wait for answers from the sky.
    Each of us can look inside,
    And hear this song within.


    They don’t always happen when, you ask.
    And it’s easy to give in, to your fear.
    But when you blinded by your faith,
    Can’t see your way clear through the rain,
    A small but still resilient voice;
    Says hope is very near.

    There can be miracles,
    When you believe.
    Though hope is frail,
    It's hard to kill.
    Who knows what miracles,
    You can achieve.
    When you believe,
    Some how you will. . .

    How you will
    You will when you believe.
    You will when you believe.


  2. wen wen, look very young on newspaper boh.... hahahahhaha.....


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