Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Long Live Jalan Alor!

About a week ago I was talking about the street name Jalan Alor had been changed to Jalan Kejora because some people from the authority concern came out with this "brilliant" idea to give area around Bukit Bintang a galactic theme. Then I felt that was a very stupid move as the name Jalan Alor already become synonym to eateries paradise not only in local but also in tourists eyes. Therefore, I wish DBKL to leave Jalan Alor alone!

Just now, I saw a good news in tv about Jalan Alor! Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Ab Hakim Borhan officially announced that the name Jalan Alor will be remained as it is! Although I am not staying in KL, but I felt please with this decision. It is a right move and it will save a lot of troubles brought to locals, businesses and also tourists from improper planning of street name renaming.

Long live Jalan Alor!!!

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