Sunday, October 5, 2008

Digi Promo Clown

I found this quite interesting. I seldom meet this kind of promotion activity in town. Today I met one. It's from a Digi based shop in one of the shopping complex. I know this kind of event is very common in big cities, but small town we seldom can see this, well at least for me, I seldom see this, ok? ;)

There was a guy who was made up to be a clown. I think he became the center of focus for the entire event especially from the small kids walking around the area. Then there were another 2 guys who wore in Digi cup-like costume. So before they start the event, they were posting in front of camera. Therefore, I took the chance to shot one as well.

After photo taking session, the guys carrying the Digi balloons started to give away the balloons especially to kids around the area. Wow, I can see the small kids were really happy and excited reaching for the balloons!

The clown especially was busy giving away the Digi printed balloons.

When i saw this scene, it made me think of the kids nowadays were so lucky. They had free balloon to take away. When I was a small kid, there was no such thing as free balloon. I still remembered I was happy to see balloons flying when my parents brought me to pasar malam (night market) or other special occasion like fun fair where there was balloons store selling either the traditional oval shape balloons or mickeymouse-like-shape balloons.

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  1. Interesting stuff you got there mate!

    I can relate to what you said above, when I was little, I never had a toy. We lived in a remote place where we need to cross 2 rivers just to go to school.. Though those times had been rough on us, I never regret to experience that kind of childhood..

    Best regards,

    darko (Philippines)

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