Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Most Expensive Toll in the Country?

If you are driving from north to the south of Sarawak, before you exit Sibu through Lanang Bridge and proceed your journey to town like Bintangor, Sarikei, Sri Aman or Kuching, you will have to pass through a toll - Lanang Bridge toll.

[Lanang Bridge Toll]

Yes! Who said Sarawak doesn't have toll? At least Sibu has one and I guess it is among the most expensive toll in the country!!

Not trusting me? Let me ask you... how much you need to pay for using Penang Bridge which has about 13.5km in length? It's RM7 for 2 ways, to and fro trip right? Meaning you pay RM7 for around 27km of Penang Bridge usage. I am referring to normal passenger's car and MPV.

But you need to pay RM3 one trip for normal car or MPV to use the around 1.22km Sibu Lanang Bridge. So if to and fro, you need to spend RM6 for just about 2.5km of bridge usage.

[Toll and the payments which vary for different categories of cars]

RM7 for 27km of Penang Bridge and RM6 for 2.5km of Lanang Bridge... do you still need a calculator to count which one is more expensive? Lanang Bridge is a construction across the river whereas Penang Bridge is across the ocean! We don't need rocket science to know which construction is bigger and consume more costs, do we?

Then, why the toll fare is so expensive? Well, I heard it's actually related to some local politician involvement which is really complicated to explain.

Anyway, the toll doesn't really affect those travel once in a while but it is a burden for the people staying after the toll plaza who needs to travel to and fro Sibu daily for specific purposes like study, doing small businesses and so on.

[Lanang Bridge Toll - one of the most expensive toll in Malaysia]

++++++ Just a statistic ++++++

TypePenang Bridge Fare(RM)Lanang Bridge Fare(RM)
Motorcycles1.40 (RM0.05/km)
0.50 (RM0.41/km)
Cars/Taxi/MPV 7.00 (RM0.27/km)
3.00 (RM2.46/km)

*Penang Bridge Length: 13.5km || Payment Method: 1 trip
*Lanang Bridge Length: 1.22km || Payment Method: 2 trips


  1. Wen,

    In Klang Valley, there are too many tolls everywhere until we never really count how expensive it is.

    But, from your comparison, the rate seems to be quite at the high side. This is Malaysia ma... Sigh!

  2. hahaha... yeah lo.
    Malaysia BOLEH spirit ma. Anything also can happen. hehehe....


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