Saturday, October 25, 2008

From Notebook HD to Notebook Cooling Pad

Initially I planned to buy myself a notebook hard disk today. So as a friend of mine who wanted to buy himself a first external hard drive (HD). He had been waiting for me for almost a month since I told him I have such planning to buy a hard drive to replace the one inside my laptop which was spoiled about 2 months ago. So, we went to a shopping complex together to hunt for the hard drive.

When we were looking at the 2.5" hard drive, I suddenly changed my mind. I didn't know why this happened, but in a split second, I suddenly felt that maybe it's not the suitable time for me to spend on another hard drive as I actually have a spare 80GB 2.5" hard drive which I can use it on my laptop, just that I need to put some efforts to move the data in it to other storage. So I canceled my initial plan but not my friend.

[HD hunting]

Therefore, my friend continued on his HD hunting. As for me, I just busy around helping on eyes and giving him some opinion. HD itself is not hard to find but external enclosure of the HD that do. We spent more time choosing a suitable and eyes pleasing enclosure. After some thought and consideration, my friend finally found one which met his taste. He also got a 320GB notebook HD which costs around RM240.

[External HD enclosure that met my friend's taste]

Maybe I didn't want to go back home with empty hands, I suddenly think of wanted to buy a notebook cooling pad for my laptop. The reason why I felt to get one is because I suspected one of the reason my laptop HD spoiled was the heat generated by my laptop. Weak cooling fan on my laptop caused the laptop always functioning in high temperature condition and this might shorten the HD lifetime.

There were various kind of cooling pad for selection. Some pads were made by plastic and some by aluminum. Aluminum pad is more expensive than plastic one. I finally decided to go with this one which cost me RM69, no more no less.

[This cooling pad cost me RM69]

The main reason I chose this cooling pad was because it has a full aluminum heat sink pad. As you all know, metal is a better heat conductor than plastic. So, with aluminum pad, the heat from the laptop can be passed to the cooling pad more effectively thus giving better cooling effects to the laptop.

[Features printed on the box]

After paying the amount, we went for a tea-time before went back home. Well, at least I didn't go back with empty handed after my previous planning to get a 2.5" HD had being canceled in no reason.

++++++ More pics ++++++

[4-port USB 2.0 hub on the right side of the cooling pad]

[Left side look of the cooling pad]

[I guess it is made in China, what do you think? ;p]

[China English?]

[Bottom side of the cooling pad]

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