Saturday, October 18, 2008

1/2 Day Trip to Sarikei

It's Saturday again but is not a ordinary Saturday for me. Usually I would wake up late, then lazy around or walk around shopping centers to do some window shopping or "eyes-washing", but this morning I had a date with company social club committee members to take a half day trip to Sarikei, a town which is not too far from Sibu, just about one hour of driving distance.

So we started our journey at about 9 in the morning. There were 7 people joining the trip and we separated into 2 cars.

We reached Sarikei town at about 10am. Actually, we didn't really come here to look at the place as a lot of us being here before.

[One of the scenery at sarikei - the Wharf]

Instead once we reached, we directly went to this kopitiam - Glory Cafe. This was the main purpose for this trip actually!

[Glory Cafe at Sarikei]

So what is so special about this kopitiam actually? From its look, it's just a normal kopitiam which can be found everywhere around the town. But you never know.. it's actually famous for its "cheap yet delicious" big prawn tom yam noodles!

So most of us order this noodles. Otherwise, no point we came all the way from Sibu yet not trying the most famous food at this kopitiam. We waited for more than 15 minutes for the food to arrive. But I think nice foods worth some waiting! ;)

When the noodles first arrived, my first reaction was... WOW!! It is quite a big portion and really made me drooling! I couldn't wait to taste it but of course I needed to snap some photo first otherwise, you can't see these photos now.

[Big Prawn Tom Yam Noodles]

There were actually one big prawn only in the noodles and being cut into half for easy consumption. Emmmm~~ it tastes nice! Hot, spicy and sour! That's what "Tom Yam" foods should taste, isn't it? However, there were too many prawn chela/pincer in the noodles which made the eating process harder.

[Big prawn meat in the noodles]

The tom yam soup was delicious and appetizing, yet some complained that it was too sweet. I agree.. in fact, it was a bit too salty and oily too! That's why I didn't finish the soup although I am a soup lover and usually I will drink till the last drop!

The price? RM14 per bowl. Consider cheap? But if you compare to the big prawn noodle in Sibu which sells at RM20/RM25 per bowl, this one is consider very cheap. Eat once in a long while just to reward myself for being working so hard should be okla...

[It costs RM14 per bowl]

So, after finished eating... this was what I found on most of our tables - a mess, full of prawn shells and used tissues! Ya, you really need a lot of tissues as you will keep sweating while you are eating the noodles, not because the weather is hot, but the strong spicy taste that will make your head sweating while eating.

[A big mess on the table after eating]

After the meal, we went to a drug store in town which is very famous for its chinese traditional herb called "Bet Ding Yio". "Bet Ding Yio" is in Foochow slang which means "8 types of valuable drugs" and it is the main ingredient for a very famous Foochow soup cooking.

[The drug store in Sarikei famous for its "Bet Ding Yio"]

[Packets of "Bet Ding Yio" - Chinese traditional herb]

After visiting the drug store, it was about 11.30pm, we have no place to go anymore. Therefore, we decided to go back home to Sibu. We used an alternative route which require ferry service. It was a bit troublesome, yet it shorten the driving distance between Sarikei-Bintangor-Sibu.

[Scenery from ferry which shows another ferry crossing to the other side of the river]

We reached Sibu at about 12.50pm. The whole trip was nice and I enjoyed it. I am looking forward if there is a chance for the next trip.

++++++ Just a note ++++++

To whom it may concern:

For those who is going to be elected for the coming committee members, don't worry about it. Life in the committee is actually not that bad. It is a good chance to know more people and you will enjoy it most of the time.


  1. wow... the noodles looks so yummy!
    Sarikei still look the same, not much changes compare to many year ago, hoh?

  2. Tom yum looks nice. But I dun eat prawn. Can change to others ar? ^ ^

  3. ok, i will try next time, look like very delicious, hahaha......

  4. I think you can change it to fish... the price will be cheaper


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