Thursday, October 2, 2008

Petrol Shortage In Town

Now what? I thought our caring government just lower the fuel price by a single cent, but when this morning as usual I ride my bike to town and prepared to pump some petrol into the tank, this was what I saw! All the green pumps were sticked with a white paper written "HABIS" on it.

I did heard about this happened in many places around Malaysia in these few days, but I don't know small town like Sibu also facing the same problem.

So the first thing come into my mind at that moment was "Har?? What the hell???"!!! This was the first time I saw such situation since I first got my driving license. That's almost 15 years ago! All these while there were no such thing happened except few years ago there was once shortage of diesel supply in town.

So with my helpless and doubtful face , I headed towards a pump attendant and asked her, just to make sure the paper with the word HABIS on it was not accidentally sticked onto the pump by the wind. She nodded her head trying to tell me that "You better believe your eyes".

I can do nothing about it. Luckily I don't have the habit to fill the tank when petrol reach minimum level. Furthermore, the distance between my house and my working place is kind of near, so I guess my petrol still can last for few more days.

So, no petrol... fine... maybe I just fill some air for my tyres. So i pushed my bike to the place where the air pressure pump is. Then another attendant approached me and told me "Tak boleh pakai" (Cannot be used). I was thinking, WTF??!!! I took a look at the pump, there were really no display on the digital display screen.

So, just now no petrol, now digital air pressure pump not functioning, what else can I expect? So I just continue my journey to my office for "Charity OT"... (today suppose is a public holiday)

Just now about 4 something pm, I went back from the office. Thought of going to other petrol station to take a look if there were petrol supply at other station, just in case this petrol shortage will continue for few days. Then I passed by the same petrol station again. I discovered that most of the paper written with the word HABIS were gone! So, I turned into the station to make sure if they got the new petrol supply or the papers were blew away by the wind.

When I stopped my bike at the fuel pumping area, an attendant approach me. I pointed my finger to the green pump as the signal to ask if there was petrol. She nodded her head. Yes! I knew that was the positive signal! What a relief! So I pumped few bucks of petrol into my tank and rode back home.

[Pump with HABIS gone after 4pm]

However, I noticed that some pump were still with the "HABIS" paper stick on. Not sure what actually happened here... anyway, at least I get my bike pumped! hehehee..

[There were still some pump with the HABIS paper on it after 4 something pm]

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  1. Don't use camera at Petrol Station lah.... dangerous oooh, hahhahhah, just kidding, just kidding.


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