Monday, October 13, 2008

Frustrating Night Without Internet

What a frustrating night! The PPP indicator light on my Aztech modem was not shinning at all. Only one and the only possibility under such condition - cannot connect to the Internet.

[PPP light is off meaning the modem cannot connect out to the internet]

I kept restarting my modem, switched it on and off. Each time restart took me about 3 minutes or more before the modem are ready for getting the Internet connection. Yes, before this my colleagues did tell me my modem connection speed is slow. Theirs only took about few seconds to get the connection but mine can reach minutes. I am not sure if it is because of area problem or my hardware problem.

I kept my eyes on the PPP indicator light at all time, hoping I will see the yellow light on. However, each time it gave me the negative respond. Then I prepared for the worst case which is only my port got such problem. If that is the case then I will have no choice but to call the service center for help. But that is the last thing I will do.

Why? It is because everytime when u call the service center, they will ask you for 2 things.
  1. Do direct connection, which require you to connect your internet line directly into your phone line socket without passing through the splitter just to make sure it's not splitter problem.
  2. Do manual connection where you need to disable or change some setting in your modem/router to disable automatic connection. Instead you will need to sign in into your ISP (Internet Service Provider) account and manually connect to the Internet. Using this way, if there is any connection error occurs during connection, Windows will popup an error code which identify the connection problem. It's this error code that the service center want.
However I found out it's useless. Everytime when you do the direct connection as told, the result will be the same - not the splitter problem. Then I don't even know how to setup my modem to bridge mode (manual connection) which I guess average people don't know either. That explain why calling service center for help is always my last choice.

Suddenly I thought of looking for help from a colleague. He knew the standard error code that always popup when it's ISP problem. I was thinking just using this code to "entertain" the service center telephony. But I discovered he was facing the same connection problem. Then after a while another friend called to complain about the same problem. He called the service center and got the auto-respond by the service center telling about the whole region was facing the connection problem. So I felt more relief. At least it's not only me that having this problem.

So I kept on trying until midnight waiting for some miracle or surprise but it didn't happen. So I just have to give up. The whole night I couldn't blogging and my downloading schedule was messed up! But I can do nothing about it. I just shut down my computer earlier and went for sleep hoping everything will back to normal by the next day.

Life is miserable without Internet.


  1. Normally I just said,"already tried everything la, still got error678, just reset my fxking port la."

    Some of them will refuse to do so and insist u to sit in front of ur pc so tat he can "teach" u how to do "configuration". u can just hang up the phone, cos wat they taught is useless, it won't help at all.

    Recall the 1300889519 till some helpdesk(normally not the same guy) willing to reset your port.

    But as in this case, it's problem with whole area, cos im having the same problem as well, reset port can't solve it also.

    So, just wait for their "rapid" service lo.

  2. Yes, life is miserable without the Internet!

    I remember last time when our uni's labs network was down, I would be sitting in front of the computer like a zombie and kept refreshing and waiting and hoping that the network would go up again, although it was of no use! :P

  3. u shud watch this episode of southpark,, bout wat would happen if internet is down :D

  4. ya.. sooky.. i remembered that especially when you mati-mati get a better computer but then the network suddenly down... that feeling was really frustrating!!

  5. ps... you are really a southpark fanatic!! hahah!!

  6. wen, this is the new era where we are all crazy abt internet... internet is just like part of our life.. without internet, we are all lost... hahaha... true...?


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