Friday, October 10, 2008

NBA New Team in The New Season

This post is only for those who have interest in NBA basketball. Otherwise, you can choose to ignore it and continue with your "facebooking" or "friendstering". However if you insist to continue reading beyond this point, then read at your own "risk". If you fall asleep please don't blame me. ;)

If you are looking at the information about NBA teams for season 2008-09, you will notice there is a new logo on the logo list which you may feel strange about it.

[A new logo appears on]

Yes! That's the logo for the new team in NBA this season! The team name is "Oklahoma City Thunder"!

Now you may ask, "So NBA now have extra one team added to the team list? Before this there were 30 teams in NBA League so now there are 31"? No! You are wrong! NBA will still remain at 30 teams in the new season.

So, please find out which former NBA team's logo in last season is missing in the above logo list. Who can get the answer in the shortest time will be awarded an air ticket to and fro KLIA - Oklahoma City, "3-day 2-night trip with OKC Thunder" including training with the team and watching the team opening game. Sounds attractive but sorry to tell you it is just kidding! Don't scold me please. Didn't I told you at the very beginning "read at your own risk"? Furthermore I just hope to awake and cheer up those insist to read this post but felt bored after reading it! ;p

Ok, now back to the topic. If you still unable to find out which team was missing, now I tell you. It is Seattle SuperSonics! I had a shock when I knew it's this team that disappeared from NBA! Supersonics actually left me quite a deep impression especially when the era of Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp and Detlef Schrempf. With outstanding ball control and assist skills of Gary Payton, monster dunk of Kemp and accurate shooting of Schrempf, SuperSonics reached its peak in the team's franchise history in 1995-96 season by having the most wins 64-18 and went into NBA final but lost to Chicago Bulls lead by Michael Jordan that time.

[Gary Payton]

[Shawn Kemp]

[Detlef Schrempf]

So, where is Seattle SuperSonics goes?
Actually SuperSonics franchise was sold to a group of Oklahoma investors in year 2006. Then, because of some dispute between the owner and lawmakers in Seattle, the franchise had been allowed to move to Oklahoma City. However, they agreed to release Supersonics name, logo and colors to a possible future NBA club in Seattle.

The team's full name, the Oklahoma City Thunder was chosen and officially announced on September 3, 2008.

[Oklahoma City Thunder Logo]

Thunder will be playing in western conference Northwest division together with the teams like Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets.

+++++++++++ Just for Remembrance +++++++++++

Seattle SuperSonics Logos:

[Left: 1976-1994 | Center: 1995-2001 | Right: 2002-2008]

Seattle SuperSonics Jerseys:

Home Jersey
[Left: 1996-2001 | Right: 2002-2008]

Away Jersey[Left: 1996-2001 | Right: 5220-2008]

Alternative Jersey
[Left: 1998-2001 | Right: 2005-2008]

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  1. Sorry, IMHO pronunciation of "O K C" just sounds so lame if compared with Seattle Supersonic :P


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