Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Heard What Mysophobia Is?

Ever heard what mysophobia is? Yes, as far as the word "phobia" is concern, it's about fear, fearing of something.

Take some examples:
Acrophobia - Fear of heights
Insectophobia - Fear of insects
Hydrophobia - Fear of water
Herpetophobia - Fear of reptiles or creepy, crawling things

So what is mysophobia then?
- Fear of dirt and uncleanliness, fear of germs and contamination
- Germphobia
i. Obsessive hand washing

ii. Avoid activities which claimed to be unclean by the individual
iii. Declaring the desire not the share any personal items
iv. Avoiding social situations which include a close group of people

What do I get from these information?
  • Now I know why some people keep on washing their hands everytime they touched an object which is not belongs to them.
  • Now I understand why some people do not allow people around them, even their own friends and families to touch their belongings. Once touch, the touched item will be treated as unclean anymore and it might subject to throw away.
  • I also realized that why some people claimed don't like to choose souvenirs brought back by their colleagues from a trip while others were busy choosing it, but afterward complained that they had been given the "left-over".
Therefore, be more tolerant with the person around you who shows the mysophobia symptoms stated above. It is not their fault but mysophobia's fault. Got it?

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If you are not sure or blurred what I was talking about, just ignore what I said because this post is classified as "To whom it may concern"! ;p

~ Respect Through Understanding ~


  1. More knowledge to share. Mysophobia could be consider as kind of mental illness. Don't Play Play yer!

    "Mysophobia is a term used to describe a pathological fear of contact with dirt, to avoid contamination and germs. Someone who has such a fear is often referred to as a "mysophobe." The term was introduced by William A. Hammond in 1879[1][2] when describing a case of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) exhibited in repeatedly washing one's hands.

    This phobia is sometimes referred to as germophobia (or germaphobia, not to be confused with Germanophobia), a combination of germ and phobia to mean fear of germs, as well as bacillophobia and bacteriophobia.

    Mysophobia has long been related to the OCD of constantly washing one's hands. However, Harry Stack Sullivan, an American psychologist and psychoanalyst, notes that while fear of dirt underlies the compulsion of a person with this kind of OCD, his or her mental state is not about germs; instead, this person feels the hands must be washed.[3]

    Several well-known individuals have suffered from this disorder, including Howie Mandel, Cameron Diaz, Howard Hughes, Nikola Tesla, and Joan Crawford.

    The television series Monk revolves around a fictional police detective with several psychological disorders including a severe case of Mysophobia."

  2. 警告你哦,我巨蟹座哦,不要以为我什么都不懂哦,等着瞧哦,哈哈哈哈哈哈。。。。哦?!?!

  3. this is call 'jie pi' in mandarin??! I am not sure... or 'jie pi' is part of mysophobia... well.. whatever.. hahaha...


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