Tuesday, October 7, 2008

For FIFA09 Lovers

Recently, I am busy with FIFA09, a soccer game from EA Sports which I followed since 1997.

FIFA game series keep on improving from year to year. However, these few years back, I could hear a lot of its fans started to complain about the game which didn't change much in term of gameplay as well as the graphic. I agree with this especially the last 2 season, they were almost the same. The only different was the background graphic and also the new line up which really disappointed me.

This year FIFA09 didn't give me too much surprise either. However, I can see few changes that lightened up my day.

Firstly, in term of graphic, I think EA Sports did put some effort on it. The players in the game look more realistic than years before. Then for those less known players, EA Sports also gave them a "better face" which make them more acceptable and natural looking. If you did follow EA Sports FIFA series before, you will know how the generic FIFA faces spoilt your mood of playing the game.

[Realistic look]

Secondly, in term of control, FIFA09 introduced new control scheme which combine the classic keyboard control with the point and click precision of the mouse. However for me which already used to all-keyboard control style, I think is hard to change the control method unless the method is proved to be better.

[Video showing mouse control]

Thirdly, in term of the action and gameplay. Players collision become more realistic, goalkeepers have more saving style in front of goal and ball passing is smoother.

[Sliding tackle in action]

I don't know how true these changes are, but these are what I saw and what I noticed personally in the game. Maybe you will have different opinion? Try it then you know...

+++++++++++ Screenshot +++++++++++

[Old Trafford - Stadium of the Red Devils]

[MU and Liverpool walking out the tunnel]

[Chelsea Vs Arsenal in Stamford Bridge]

[Thierry Henry kicked at the wrong place?]

[Edwin Van der Saar prepared for goal kick]

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