Friday, October 3, 2008

"If I have 20 millions..."

This afternoon, while I was busy with my works, suddenly I received a call from a friend. She told me that she was preparing a write up about the topic "If I have 20 millions". So she was asking for my point of view on what I want to do if I have this huge amount of money.

I guess she probably get the inspiration to write about this topic from TOTO Sports lottery company which one of the game called MEGA 6/52 had reached it's maximum accumulation prize money, RM20,000,000! This prize money had not yet being won for months. Therefore, everyone especially those lottery followers are aiming for this big money. Everyone hope they will be the next person who get blessing from God of Prosperity! Imagine, 20 millions of Malaysian Ringgit!! It's a huge amount of money dreamed by a lot of people. Tell me, who don't like money?

I was caught in shock when she suddenly point the question to me. As my brain at that moment was full of PHP coding, I couldn't twist my brain in a split second to something which was totally unrelated. This is human brain ok? It cannot works multi-threading like a computer do.

So first thing come into my mind, if I have 20 millions, I told her, I will buy a new house and a new car! Very normal right? I think most of the people will think of the same thing at the first thought, since these are very basic needs in life.

It was because the point given was too normal and ordinary that made it don't have writing and reading value. Imagine you interview 10 persons and all of them tell you the same thing, then what you gonna write then? If nothing to write, what the readers going to read then? So, obviously the answer was too typical...

So I seek some help from other friends. They were both smart guys and imaginative. I hoped can get some idea from them. One of them told me, "I want to buy a bookstore! Then when I feel bored, I will go to my bookstore and take any book I like to read". Ok, fair enough.. 20 millions for a bookstore.. I know he likes reading.. but I don't.. hahaha

Another friend said, "Go to space"! I reminded him, this is RM 20 millions, not USD 20 millions. Then he agreed, RM 20 millions maybe not enough for that purpose.

So i continued scratching my head. I wanna be more realistic. After some thought, I still go with my old thinking, first buy a new house, then a better car. Then, I'll make sure my own room is equipped with a 52 inches plasma tv with extraordinary sound systems, PS3 and Blue-ray Disc player attached to it! Wow, I have being dreaming this for long time already, hope my dream will really come true. Besides that, I also want to bring my parents and family go on vacation to any destination of their choice.

To reward myself, I will fly to UK to watch my favorite English Premier League(EPL) team Manchester United playing at Old Trafford, a typical dream for a Red Devils' fan. Besides soccer, I am also the fan of National Basketball League (NBA). Therefore, I would also like to fly to US to see with my own eyes how a human like Kobe Bryant flies, the king Lebron control the game and laed his team to victory, Yao Ming defends his team basket with his height advantage and 6 foot tall Allen Iverson layout in front of a 7 foot tall center!

That's all I can think of under such condition. It's not the best, but it makes sense and it's really what I wish to do. So how about you? What do you want to do if you have RM20,000,000?? Ever think of that?

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