Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mini Burger In Town

I just realized that there are actually mini burger on sale in town!

Just now, I went out to yamcha (having tea time) with 2 friends of mine. Initially we went to a cafe near Esplanade Park which we being there for few times. We like the balcony seats at that cafe as it provides more open space and natural air which is a good environment for chit-chatting. However, we discovered that the upper stair of balcony seats was closed due to a private occasion. So we got no choice but to leave the place and look for another alternative.

So we decided to go to another cafe named "cafe cafe" which provides more high class environment and more expensive foods as one of my friend said he never being there before. We were unlucky tonight! The cafe was not opened.

With a bit upset feeling, we went around the town area tried hard to think where else we could go to take a sit, order some drinks and foods then have a nice chit-chatting session. We ended up with a fast food restaurant which open for 24 hours.

It had been quite some times I didn't being to this fast food restaurant. So after some thought, I decided to go for a "Real Savers" set meal which consists of an Original Recipe Fillet Burger and regular size cheezy wedges.

I got a shock in my life when the cashier took a burger wrapped in white paper with the restaurant name printed on it and put it on the tray just beside a boxed Zinger burger ordered by my friend. It was relatively mini in size! At that moment i was wondering if that's the burger i had ordered... obviously it was, I just tried not to believe my eyes.

So, we took the foods, looking for a strategic place to sit. Once sitting down, I couldn't wait to take out the burger from its wrapper. One more time, i got a shock in my life! The burger really was so small and mini! It's just slightly bigger than the very famous chinese kompia in Sibu! Can't believe it? You better do...

You can see the photo below which show how "mini" the burger is relative to a 50-cent coin and a standard size magnetic stripe card. Gosh! I can't believe my eyes! I still remember the last time I had a burger in this restaurant, the burger was big, and if not too big, at least it's around the standard size of a burger which is about at least twice the size than the current one!

[Burger and a 50 cents coin]

[Mini Burger size in relative to a Real Reward Card]

Am I outdated or what? Is it a new trend to have "mini" stuffs? Not only me, the two friends of mine also had a shock! The friend who ordered Zinger burger claimed that his burger is not as huge as before although the size is about double of my one.

The other friend who had Colonel burger took out his burger from red wrapper and compared with mine. It was the same size as both burger were using the same kind of bread. When he put the burger on his hand... you can see, it's just about the same size as his palm! How big a palm for average Asian can be?

Maybe I cannot point all the fault to the restaurant. I should realize how many times the chicken price had increased since last I had a chicken burger in this restaurant. So to maintain the burger price at its competitive level and attractive enough for the customers, they have no choice but to shrink down the burger size in order to cut down costs.

I have a suggestion! I would suggest if the restaurant wanted to cut costs, why not they use a smaller wrapper? The current wrapper can at least wrap 3 "mini" burgers in there! So if you save the costs in producing or purchasing the wrapper, you can use that to make a bigger burger which is more presentable at least!

[Don't you feel the wrapper is a bit too big for a mini burger?]

Oh ya, the "regular size cheezy wedges" is actually consists of 2 and a half slices of potatoes.

Anyway, one thing the restaurant still maintain its standard, is that the chicken used in the burger was really a chicken breast meat rather than a patty of ground meat. I would like to praise on this. But the bread quality is really a bad one!

So when is your turn to try out the mini burger in town?


  1. waliu eh, how mini of your burger oh, hahha...

  2. wen, the burger and wedges looks real pathetic... What to do.. cut cost since the fuel hike.


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