Thursday, September 18, 2008

Swan City

The phrase "Swan City" is very familiar for the people of Sibu, but maybe a lot of outsiders still doesn't know about this. Sibu, the 3rd division in Sarawak, Malaysia is also called the Swan City.

Why is it called so? Honestly, I also not very sure but if I am not mistaken, it has something to do with the local politician who is trying the re-brand and repackage this town for tourism. It definitely doesn't mean that Sibu has a lot of swans.

As it's named the Swan City, therefore you can see a lot of swan sculptures around the town center. Just like Kuching where you can see a lot of cat statues around the city center.

Here are some swan sculptures sceneries taken by me.

[Swan Sculpture on the Rejang River]

[Swan Statues found at a park near town center]

[Another swan sculpture at town square]

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