Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Swelled Ankle

I had a swelled ankle for more than 2 weeks now. I am not sure what happened, probably my weight is too heavy for my ankle ;p or maybe because it got twisted when I played badminton.

My mum helped me to massage the ankle once and from then on, it swelled and couldn't recover. Therefore I made up my mind to get a treatment for the swelled ankle as I don't want it to get more serious and harder to recover later. The later you get the treatment, the harder it would recover. So better act earlier so that I can get back to my badminton game as soon as possible.

I had been introduced to this "sifu" who are good in fixing and healing twisted and dislocation of body parts by my uncle. He's a taxi driver, but driving taxi became his "part time" job as a lot of people seeking for his treatment. Today when I met him, I was the 3rd person of the day who seek for his treatment already.

He first checked on my swelled ankle. After few pressing, he told me that it's not a big deal, just my ankle was twisted.

[Checking on the swelled ankle]

So he prepared to apply traditional medicine onto the ankle. I could see he got a bottle of golden liquid which is actually some mixture of alcohol and specific oil. He then poured the liquid onto a a long piece of cotton.
[Pour the liquid onto a piece of cotton]

After that, he took out a bottle of special made herb mixture. Only he knew what are actually the ingredients in it. He poured the dried herb mixture onto the cotton containing the liquid.

Then, he poured some more oil onto the herb before folded the long piece of cotton into half. The main purpose for this is avoid the herb mixture to leak out or directly touch our skin.

Afterward, he applied the cotton with herb in it onto my ankle.
Then he used a roll of bandage to cover the herb-filled cotton. I felt the cold on my ankle when the cotton was first applied onto my skin. But the "sifu" warned me it'll get hot later.

Finally, the sifu used a plaster to fix the bandage so that it wouldn't take off. At this moment, I could really feel the heat on the skin where the medicine was applied and it get hotter.

So, this is how my left ankle looks like now. I can only open the bandage after 3 days. So the coming few days I have to wear slipper to work.
The hardest part is when taking bath as I must keep the bandage dry. So, this is what I did, cover the leg with plastic bag... and trust me.. it's really troublesome!!
Oh ya, about the charge of the treatment service, it's RM30.


  1. Wah, I can't believe you managed to make an entire post on this treatment! haha... did you ask the sifu to slow down so that you can take photo? :P

    Anyway, take care and hope you recover soon! :)

  2. No.. I didn't ask him to slow down but all the process take time, so manage to snap down. Furthermore, it's IXUS 860.. can snap very fast, you know also right? ;) haahhaha!!


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