Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fish Spa

I am not sure how many of you heard about this new trend - the fish spa. Personally, I never heard about that till about a week ago one of my friend told me about it. I was joking at him when he mentioned about it. I asked if they are using piranha fish? Then he answered me, if those are piranha, then your leg will leave nothing but the white bones.

Then last few days I received a forwarded mail from another friend about this fish spa about there were some people complaining about this fish spa treatment. Actually this fish spa is all about removing death skin from our feet using the fish bite. However, according to the mail, there were people complained that not only the dead skin being removed after the treatment but also the good skin. There were also discussion about the hygienics issue of this treatment as a lot of people are sharing a same pool.

Today, I saw this treatment with my own eyes in one of the shopping complex in Sibu. When I walked into that shopping complex, a pool and some crowds around it attracted my attention. So, I took a closer look and discovered it was the fish spa people are talking about recently.

From the banner, I just realized that removing death skin is not the fish spa is all about! It stated that this treatment can improve blood circulation, give healthier skin and also have reflexology effect, but how true is this? I am not sure...

[A pool of fish where your feet will have to put in when receiving the treatment]

[The fishes are biting the feet]

For me, I more thinking it as a commercial chance to target human curiosities. On its effectiveness, I think it's much depend on individual. Regular customers will feel it is effective on them while average people are more curious and still observing about this new treatment approach. That's why I can see most of the crowds were "gossiping" around the pool or even asked the person taking the treatment how he/she feels than paying the money to have a try!


  1. I heard before, Singapore import this kind of spa early, dont know how the feel when fish bite ?!?!

  2. How much does it cost? I went to Ipoh Parade last week and they charge RM30 per half an hour.

  3. Not sure how much... heard my uncle said RM5 per half an hour... hahahha....


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