Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fuel Price Drop Again!

Good news! I think by now most of you knew already starting this midnight (25th September 2008 12.00am) , our fuel price will be decreased further by 10 cents per liter.

Fuel CategoryOld Price(RM)New Price(RM)Drop(RM)
RON97 Petrol2.552.450.10
RON92 Petrol2.402.300.10
[Fuel price effective on 25th September 2008]

That was really a good news from our "caring" government. Don't you feel our government are very caring? They knew we are living in hell after the fuel price hike by 40% in June this year, so now they slowly decrease the price hoping our life can back to normal. I should really "appreciate" for having the "caring" government.

Errr... may I ask you a question fellow government? Can you please ask the Kampua uncles and aunties also decrease their Kampua price by 10 cents because now fuel price is decreasing? Can you also ask the chicken/mixed rice taukeh to lower their food's price by at least 20 cents because when you announced the fuel price hike they added 50 cents to the bill we pay?

Oh ya, don't forget the taxi drivers who increased their taxi fares by unreasonable ringgits when you told them the petrol price increased from RM1.92 to RM2.70. Can you ask them to lower their fare by few ringgits because the petrol price had been dropped by 25 cents since August 2008?

Not only these, every aspect of our life, our necessities, our foods which having price increase as the consequences after you announce the "wonderful" fuel price hike policy in June, can you also ask all of them to lower their price?? Please?? I beg you... Please...

Oh no.... I think that'll be even bigger challenge than announcing fuel price drop, don't you feel so? It's more to some kind of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!!

Looks like our hard life won't change much after this midnight when the fuel drop by 10 cent per liter, do we?

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