Saturday, September 27, 2008

Zuiho Daiko Japan in Sibu

Yes, I just came back from watching the performance. Zuiho Daiko from Japan organized by Sibu Agape Center. It's a Japanese drum performance by a group of Japanese came all the way from Nagasaki, Japan. The unique part about this "Zuiho Daiko" is that it's performed by a group of mentally disabled persons!

From what I saw, it's hard to believe that the performers are mentally disabled persons! The whole show is really great and tremendous! They performed with full energetic and even better than some of the normal person! Trust me! You can see them used up all their energy to beat the drum hard and loud with full performing spirit. That's why you can see them sweating and had deep breath after each session of the performance.

The drum sound not only shake the ground, but also shake the heart of every audience attending the show. They applauded and cheered for the performers on stage at the end of each session, and I can assure you that it's a symbol of a great show. Otherwise, Sibu people were too "shy" to clap and cheer.

[The crowd]

I am very envy and admire their living spirit. Although they are having disability since they were born, but they never give up of their life. In fact, they changed their life into something meaningful and colorful which gained respect from the society and changed people perception towards them. I can see they really enjoyed their life. Perhaps... we should learn from them how to love our life...

[Packing up after the show]


  1. Eh, you were there too. I was a volunteer at the event. I probably don't recognize you, but from the photos you took, there were only a couple of people there. Thanks for coming to support the event. Cheers!

  2. I was there too. The performers totally do not looked like mentally disabled.

  3. this is really cool... do you pay to watch the performance?

  4. It was held in open space... so is free of charge.. everyone can watch..


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