Monday, September 1, 2008

Patriotism In My Understanding

In Malaysia, we have a very unique culture. During the country's independence day season, if you are not hanging National flag either at your house, or your office building, or your shop then some ruling leaders will label you as either "not patriotic" or "not loving the country".

So, for those who had do your part by hanging the National Flag outside your house, your office or your shop, well done! You won't be accused for not loving the country. For those who bring the flag on the motobike then racing on the road and making all sort of noises, congratulation! You love the country. The for those who make their clothes or hat with National Flag, you have done a good job. You are a true patriot because you bring the flag everywhere you go, thus you will become the focus of hundreds of cameras and video recorders around you. Well, that's not my point of view, but at least some leaders may feel so.

So in order to show your patriotism to the country, it's no so hard after all. Just follow the steps below:
  1. No need to change your lifestyle. Just continue with your corruption, abuse of power, currency smuggling, raising racism issues, cheating Rakyat and so on. Just do as you wish.
  2. Then just hang or fly the National Flag or State Flag high at your house, or your office or near the premises directly or indirectly under your name. The more you hang, the more patriotic you are.
  3. Now you "love your country". You show your patriotism to the country and you are patriotic!
It's easy, isn't it? You just need 3 steps to be a patriot. You just have to prepare the money to buy some National flags then hang it during Merdeka season then you can be one. So why wait?

(The symbol of Patriotic)

(The symbol of very patriotic)


  1. Yeah, they can buy so many flags with corruption money! How patriotic! ^_^

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