Friday, September 19, 2008

My Slowly Recovered Ankle

This is the 3rd day my ankle was wrapped in the bandage. According to the "sifu", I can remove the bandage after 3 days. So this is the time!

I felt a bit excited because a wrapped ankle was really troublesome especially when taking bath. I have to cover the leg with few layers of plastic bag and hang my left leg high in order to avoid the bandage getting wet. Hard to imagine? Nevermind... just forget about it. ;)

The wrapped skin became itchy after hided under the bandage without expose to the air. I think the herb under the cotton also caused itchiness to the skin. That's why I wished to take them off faster so that I can apply my "claw" onto the itchy part.

The bandage become a bit dirty after 3 days. Imagine.. it's white and clean bandage initially. Then, over the the 3 days it had direct contact with the polluted air, the floors and also my shoe and slippers. It's too hard to keep it white and clean and also tidy after so much of contact.

[Can you see the bandage become a bit disordered and dirty? I can do nothing about it..]

My mum helped me to remove the bandage while I was busy snapping the photo. ;p She was also the one wrapped my leg with plastic bags everytime I wanted to take bath. 6 times in total. Thanks mum!

So this is my ankle after the bandage with the cotton covered with herbs was fully removed from it. There were still some cotton sticked on the leg, but it's not a big deal. It can simply be washed away.

The most important thing is, I could feel my ankle getting better. The swelled ankle became smaller. The pain was also reduced. Although it's not 100%, but at least 80% recovered. Looks like the treatment can be considered effective. Tomorrow I can get back to my badminton game again!! Badminton, here I come!!

Oh ya, the leg is really itchy!! I kept clawing on it! Now it is a bit better as I applied a chinese mentholated oil onto it that reduced the itchiness.


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