Monday, September 7, 2009

Internet Down - From Patient To Anger...

Fed up, demotivated, upset, disappointed. These feelings best described me at the moment. Imagine 2 days without Internet access at home. Today is the third days and I am still waiting for miracle.

Not sure what happened to my Internet starting on weekend. Initially it was ok, but download was a bit slow. I thought this was normal and it always happened. I didn't put too high hope on services provided by ISP. But at least I can still surf and downloading still working.

In the afternoon around 1 o'clock, I suddenly noticed that my Ethernet indicator on my modem stop blinking although it was still on. I checked my CFosSpeed indicator on my desktop, it went to zero. This told me my Internet line got problem already. I restarted my modem, but seemed like the situation remained!

I performed restarting repeatedly, but everytime the result made me more worry. The Ethernet indicator which usually blinking remain on and couldn't blink. I called customer care for support. Thanks God they didn't ask me to do some stupid steps this time. After some troubleshooting, they suspected it was my hardware problem.

I noticed there was a friend who faced the same problem with me.
So, I concluded it was not my hardware problem. The night came... but my Internet still off. I called the customer care again. He asked me to do troubleshooting but the call suddenly cut off half way of the troubleshooting.

Sunday morning, the situation remained. I called again. The customer care told me the technician already looked into the problem. She said they will try to solve my problem hopefully by end of the day. I felt thankful at least some action had been taken, but I was not confident how much effort they had put in to solve the problem. Throughout the day I kept trying to connect to the Internet but everytime I couldn't see my Ethernet indicator blinks back. What a disappointment. I was so down...

It is Monday. During lunch time, without much hope I tried to connect again and hope for miracle. It once again disappointed me to the deepest. Still the same result! I called 100 again! The person answered the phone told me that the status is still "pending technician". I asked how long I still have to wait and he told me that 1 or 2 more days!

My God! How you expect me to survive without Internet connection for another 2 days!! I felt of scolding but luckily I still sober. He is just an operator and no point to shout at him. Maybe I just need to be patient for the next 2 days but hopefully less.

Just now my mum called. She told me that maybe somebody from TM called regarding the Internet. My mum not clear what the caller trying to tell because she has no idea on how all these thing works. I asked my mum why not you ask him to call my handphone number but she said the guy refused to do so!!

I suspect it was the TM contractor who called. What the hack!! Are you trying to stimulate my nerves of anger now!??!! All these while when I did the complains I was using my handphone number and the operator kept confirming my handphone number each time I made the complain, but why now the contractor didn't contact me using the same number? What service standard is this?

I think I am a bit lost of patient already after this incident. Now I gonna write to TM to question them what kind of service standard the contractor gave to its customers! I would like to see how TM gonna explain for this!

Anyway, I still finger cross my line will get to normal at the time I reach home after work (although I had bad instinct on this...*_* ).


  1. Write to them is useless la, they will just auto reply u with pre-created mail.

  2. agreed... write to them useless. unless u do this. u write to them... then cc to fomca (or any consumer group in sarawak), then cc to all major newspaper dailies in sarawak. then u shall see response.

  3. but i think that is ok now, right ?


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