Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random Photos From Bazaar Ramadan 2009

Just wish to share some random photos I took at 2009 Sibu main Bazaar Ramadan which had been held at Sibu Town Square phase 2.

As expected, over the past month it had attracted people from different races and religions visited the place to get their favorite Malay foods.

Here are the pics:

[The venue]

[The stalls and crowds]

[The "Teppanyaki"]

[The dounuts]

[Laksa, nasi lemak and ...]

[Deep fried foods]

[Colorful jelly cakes]

[Pulut panggang and other foods...]

[Favorite keropok lekor and some roti...]

[Fried mee, bee hun...]

[Kuih lenggang and other Malay pastries...]

[Various pastries...]

[Various pastries...]

[Various pastries...]

[Malay "Lok Lok"]
[BBQ chicken section]

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