Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eatable Towels

Can you guess what is shown in the photo below? Towels?

Yes! They are towels, but not the normal towels we used for wiping!! They are eatable towels! You didn't hear it wrongly... these towels are consumable!

Actually this is a very unique kuih or pastry I found at one of the stall near Bazaar Ramadhan Sibu. It is called Kuih Kain Tuala (Cloth Towel pastry). I guess by now you should know why it is named so. Because of its appearance which really look like towel! Don't you think so?

There is only one stall at the Bazaar Ramadhan which sold this kuih. From far, they looked like Popia. They are highly demanded. So, if you wish to try out, make sure you visit to the bazaar near 2nd phase of Sibu Town Square early or else it maybe sold out. They are sold at 3 pieces for RM1.00.

The outer layer or the kuih is soft but when you feel it with fingers, the surface is a bit rough. Outer layer is tasteless. The tasty part is actually the fillings which consists of sweet shaved coconut and some peanuts. It is suitable for those who prefer light flavor and less heaty snack.

It is not advisable to expose the kuih directly under the air because this can cause oxidation to the outer layer and hardened its texture thus reduce its tastiness.

For those who never try this food before, it worths a try! Personally, I like it after the first try, who knows you may like it as well? It is the most special and unique food I can find at Bazaar Ramadhan Sibu this year.


  1. Damn, it really looked like tuala!

  2. That's why the name is so... "Kuih Kain Tuala"


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