Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tsunami At Haeundae

Just watched Tsunami At Haeundae, the first disaster oriented Korean film ever made and the first Korean film I watched on big screen.

Generally, the film was set place at a vacation hot spot named Haeundae at Busan which draws one million visitors to its beaches yearly. While the local were having their everyday affairs peacefully, a local geologist who is specialized in tsunami research discovered some abnormal activities occured under the East Sea. He tried to warn the Disaster Prevention Agency about mega-tsunami that may hit the penisular, but his warnings always end up with ignorance. One day, while the locals as well as the vacationers were enjoying the hot summer at the beach, a mega-tsunami was headed towards Haeundae at 500 miles per hour causing severe destruction.

The selling point of this film in my opinion is the CG effects rendered the tidal wave that causing the mega-tsunami and brought massive destruction to the town. Other than that, it was just another Korean movie which featured love story with comedy and heart-touching elements decorating the storyline.

As a whole, the CG effects was impressive, yet if compare to the similar disaster films produced in Hollywood, such as "The Day After Tomorrow", Korean CG skills still have much room of improvement in term of its realism of the effects.

I would give 6.5/10 for this film!


  1. Actually the effects not that bad but still a lot to be improved...

    Anyway, as Asian we should feel proud Asian can produce such movie...


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