Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Story From Mars...

It has been quite some times I did not tell you a story. Here is one which I suddenly think of today. Hope you like it. Here we goes! ......

Once upon a time, in a corner of the earth, an alien named Ga-lien from the planet of Mars was quietly landed. The purpose of the intrusion was unknown, but it was believed that Ga-lien came all the way just to save humanity from being destroyed by human themselves.

At that time, human were at the dark age! Morality among human almost collapse and wars can be seen everywhere. The leaders on Mars realized about the fact that each planet in this universe are inter-dependent. If the earth destroyed, Mars might be in trouble as well.

Thus, they sent their mighty species who has broad knowledge about humanity to the earth with the hope that he can become the savior of Homo sapiens by changing their thought, thus saving the earth from being destroyed by its own species.

With full responsibility and dedication, Ga-lien started his vital mission just after he touched down on earth. He tried all his best to change human's mind and educate them the importance of peacefulness.

Time flies! One year had passed. Over the past year, Ga-lien kept reminding himself about his great mission to the earth. Despite receiving a lot of sneering and cursing from the evil human, Ga-lien never gave up and treated all these with patient! He knew he is the only one who can save the universe! For the sake of continuity of the universe, he is ready to sacrifice himself!

However, the harder Ga-lien tried to be the savior, the worse the human became! Wars already out of control. Demonstration were everywhere throughout the entire globe to protest the existence of an alien on earth. Voices of requesting Ga-lien to return to its own planet can be heard everywhere!

Ga-lien suddenly felt so upset for the human. No matter how hard he tried, human never wanted to change. His heart dropped to the deepest. He was exhausted after one year's trying. He started to lose his passion and direction to save these people.

Ga-lien's heart was bleeding just like it had been stabbed with a sharp knife! He got no choice but to admit his own failure in changing human's mind. He felt disappointed and helpless. Suddenly the idea of leaving the evil planet struck his mind!

He was not sure if it is the right choice, but everytime he tried to help, human would just hurt him deeper. He was exhausted, totally exhausted! Not only physically, but mentally as well. He contacted his leader, Liu-lien on Mars with his Gokia G-4k, the standard telecommunication device used in Mars, reporting about his failure and requesting for the quit. After discussion, the leaders had no choice but to accept his decision.

With the help of the largest television network on earth GNN reporting about the news, within an hour's time, the entire planet aware about the news already. Celebration parties started to be seen and it spread to every corner of the world.

Ga-lien's heart broke into pieces. The Homo sapiens misunderstood his good deed and treated him as a threat! He knew only by leaving them will make them feel happy.

The leaving day finally came! With very heavy heart, Ga-lien stepped slowly towards its spaceship "The Voyager No.1"! He felt sad but human just cheers for his leaving and none of them ask him to stay to continue his good deed. He now realized human were too evil and he couldn't save them anymore.

Although he did feel hard to leave, but without much hesitation, Ga-lien started the engine and speed all the way out from the evil planet of earth! Although he had left the planet for good, yet inside his heart, he forgave the human for their sins and evilness. He sincerely wish them the best, and hopefully one day, they will awake and realize their mistakes thus make the earth a peaceful planet and better place to stay! Only by then, the universe will be long lasting.

"I will be back!", Ga-lien told the evil human just before he left! Although no one really know what was that mean, but they knew that if one day the earth still need a savior, Ga-lien for sure will be back to serve them without further questioning!! He will be back if you need him!

- The End -

This story is purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual individuals or events is coincidental.


  1. choo... i know who... i know who.... hahahahahahahahaha, so good of you can come up with a character for that fellow.

  2. give you four dot "....", hahaha.... good job !!


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