Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Just watched the latest Pixar animation named "UP" at cinema. It was the movie with the shortest and simplest title I ever come across.

The animation started with a 8-year-old shy boy named Carl Fredricksen who love adventure because influent by his idol, Charles Muntz who is a well-known explorer. Accidentally he met a girl who share the same interest with him named Ellie. They fall in love and Ellie then married to Carl.

Ellie had a desire to move her house to Paradise Falls at South America. She couldn't have children, thus both of them had decided to save up for a trip to the falls. However, everytime when they seem to collect enough money, some financial obligation strike and they had to cancel their plan. Ellie then passed away and left the lonely 70-year-old Carl.

To kept the promise to his beloved wife, Carl then flew away the house with balloons and heading to Paradise Falls. He then discovered that a boy named Russell, a Wilderness Explorer was on board the floating house. Both of them had to share the adventure together and on the journey towards the destination, a lot of unexpected incidents happened which will make you laugh the heart out!

I highly recommended this animation because of its very unique and creative story flow and also the adorable characters. You may never expect how the story flow will look like until you watch it. Cuteness wasn't about everything in this film, but some part of the story was really touching especially on how much Carl loved and missed his wife.

I personally give 8.5 out of 10 stars for this film!


  1. This movie sure nice cos got so many good reviews. I missed it and watched a damn lausy Kungfu cyborg, damn.

  2. i like animation and definitely have to watch it, but anybody want to download for me ?!?! ahahahaha....


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