Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where Is The Green Nozzle?

Government had announced that starting 1st September 2009, RON92 (a.k.a. Regular) will be removed from the market and it will be replaced by the better grade of petrol which is RON95. RON95 will become the first choice of consumers while RON97 (a.k.a. Super) will be promoted to be the premium grade and will be sold at higher price.

When I visited one of the Shell petrol station in town recently, I felt weird because the green nozzle which suppose representing RON97 are totally unseen from the station! I thought only the red nozzles (RON92) would be replaced by the yellow one (RON95) and the green one will remain? Is it not so?

I scratched my head. But after I think about it, I guess it is probably because the petrol station owner doesn't want to buy RON97 for the time being as government haven't clearly fix the selling price yet. Although government did mention RON97 will be sold at RM2.00 per liter starting September, but that's not the final word.

I am not sure if that's the explanation some petrol stations stop selling RON97, please correct me if I am wrong, will you?

Anyway, it is too bad that government did not explain clearly to the public about the issue of mixing RON95 with RON97. But you just have no choice when there is only RON95 left at the petrol station. Many of my friends and colleagues including myself already mixed them and so far our vehicles still can move on the road. So what do you say?


  1. So far so good la, hopefully wont have problem.

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