Sunday, August 9, 2009

3rd Royal Ranger Regiment Exhibition @ Sibu Time Square (Part 2)

This is the continuity from Part 1 3RRD exhibition held at Sibu Town Square last Friday.

Besides the surviving skills and food supplies used by the rangers while in the jungle, there was also a so called mobile communication center being setup near the exhibition venue. This kind of communication center was used by the armies in war zone.

The mobile center was basically formed from a big truck at the center and the camp was extended to the left and right of the truck. The truck was properly covered to hide it from the enemies.

If you walk into the camp, on the left is a space to be used as an office or command center.

On the right, it was another room for the soldier activities such as meeting and strategy planning and so on.

Whereas at the center of the camp, the truck was used as the core communication center.

I climbed onto the truck using the old wooden ladder to see what was in there. Nothing much actually, just some radio communication devices used by the soldiers to communicate with the outside world when they are at the center of the war zone.

The most interesting part of this exhibition which also attracted most people was the display of 2 IFVs, Infantry Fighting Vehicles. The visitors never wanted to miss the chance to climb into these vehicles and had an experience to be inside and operate the vehicles which at normal days they almost impossible to have such chance.

Small kids especially were the most excited group to see these kind of vehicles which in normal days they may only see it in the tv. The treated the vehicles as playground by climbing in and out from them.

This is a Sibmas AFSV 90MM 6x6 armored personnel carrier (APC) and fire support vehicle made in Belgium. The main weapon is the 90mm Cockerill.

I succesfully climbed onto this vehicle and saw the inside. The space was very limited. You just have to squat down while moving inside the vehicle.

I wished to climb higher, but with my slacks and working beg on me, it was really hard to move around. So, I just gave up.

The design inside was simple yet complicated with devices everywhere.

This one is called RPZ Condor Twin GPMG (Genreal Purpose Machine Gun). It was an APC equipped with machine guns and explosive launchers.

Other vehicles displayed in the exhibition...

There was a section in the exhibition shows the artifats seized from communists especially PKKU (Parti Komunis Kalimantan Utara) in 1970s.

These include some of their clothes, shoes, own made explosive and also machine guns and rifles.

Besides military exhibition, Firefighters and Rescue department also took part in this event. Some rescue demonstration was shown to the public.

Photo below shows some of the tools used in marine rescue works.

3 rescue Honda superbikes used by the Rapid Intervention Motorcycle(RIM) Unit also being displayed to the public.

These motorbikes were equipped with all the necessary tools used in emergency rescue such as road accident.

It was a very nice exhibition but what disappointed me was the modern weapons such as various kind of guns where not shown to the public. Furthermore, it was held on weekdays, Thursday and Friday so I guess a lot of people might miss the chance to visit the exhibition.

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  1. Wen, I just miss this kind of exhibition. When we were young, we like to go to this kind of exhibition, and it's one year once kind of thing... remember? :-)


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