Sunday, August 23, 2009

Swan City Toastmasters Club 7th Installation Dinner @ Tanahmas Hotel

I had been invited to attend Swan City Toastmasters Club 7th installation dinner last night. It was held at Tanahmas Hotel, Sibu.

Swan City Toastmasters Club is a English-based public speaking organization and also one among few toastmaster clubs available in Sibu. The club gives you a platform to sharpen your English public speaking skill, trains you to become a better leader and also boosts up your confident level.

Don't get me wrong! Personally I am not the club's member. I went there for foods really! But as far as I know, if you have interest in public speaking, if you wish to be a better speaker, if you are preparing yourself to be a politician, then I think this is a club you should turn to.

The guest of honor for the night was Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh. Usually I don't really listen to politician's speech but I would say I was quite impressed with his speech on the night. He didn't touch about politics, instead he gave few good examples on the importance of speaking skills, including how world greatest leaders such as Zhu Ge Liang, Zhou En Lai and Sukarno used their speeches to influence the world. His speech matched 2009/2010 toastmasters club theme "Speaking Your Way to Magical Transformation" well.

The sworn-in ceremony for new committee was witness by the guest of honor. The symbolic ceremony which was passing "Office of the President" gavel supposed to be done by the immediate past president to the new president, but somehow the Area Gavernor was "kepo" enough to did that on behalf of the immediate past president which I felt very illogical!

The group singing of toastmasters medley which consist of few very well-known songs including "I have a dream", "Mama Mia", "I will follow you", "I'd like to teach the world to sing" and also "We are the world" by the committee and the members was nice to listen, but I was not sure how many had pay attention to its modified lyrics.

An interesting "Generation Gap" game had been held to cheer the dinner up....

... and also Poco-poco dance by the committee members. This dance was origin from Indonesia, but somehow it was quite famous and always being performed in official occasion nowadays. This is not the first official event I attended which showed this dance.

I guess it was not too hard to learn, just have to familiar with the steps and follow the rhythm. It was very nice to watch!

Highlight of the night! I won a lucky draw with the lucky number 9520! Although it was not expensive stuff but for a person who hardly won any lucky prizes, I think I shouldn't complain more, should I?

So, for those who have interest in Swan City Toastmasters Club (either on the handsome/pretty committee members or club's activities), you can meet them as follow:

2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month
Place: Wisma Huawen Du Zhong, Sibu
Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm


  1. 重点是有没有美女,啊哈哈。。

  2. 去看看不就知道咯!:P

  3. haiyo, saw my ex classmate there in the pic. Edith Wong. She really active in toastmaster thingy.

  4. The girl wearing red cheongsam right? She was the emcee of the night...


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