Saturday, August 8, 2009

1st Anniversary...

Is 8th of August (08/08) brings any meaning to you?

If you still remember, one year ago on the same day, Beijing had became the first Asia nation in the history to host Olympics game, one of the most prestige sports event on the globe! So it is the anniversary celebration for China people for their excellent job!

For me, 08/08 brings more meaning than just about Beijing Olympics. Exactly on the same day one year ago, I chose to register this blog and started my blogging life. There was no special intention why I chose to write blog. I just tried to follow the trend in cyber world and at the same time, hope that I could improve my English writing skill by practicing. There is a saying "Practice Makes Perfect". It is quite true and I wished it would work for me as well.

Honestly, I had a very bad writing skill. My poor English command had further made my writing become more difficult and I had to spend more time than others when I wrote an article in my blog. That's why, over the past one year, I spent more time in blogging rather than playing games which is quite unusual for me.

I you ask me if my English writing skill had improved after one year's effort? Well... I don't feel so. My vocabulary is still very weak. I still need to think twice and long before I can convert my thoughts to proper English sentences.

Yet, I won't give up and will keep blogging. I still believe in practice will make perfect. Recently you may feel the reduction in my posts because after one year, I slowly out of new and fresh topics to share about. Anyway, I promised that I will try my best to update my blog if there is any interesting happening in my life. For those who have trust on me... please stay tune!

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to those who had supported my blog directly or indirectly over the past year. Without your support, my blog is just nothing!

Happy anniversary Just Sharing!!!


  1. Happy anniversary! Can't wait for new post!

  2. Wen, I think your writing skill is good since the beginning till now. Of coz I could see some improvement over the months.

    Keep it up! Dont keep thinking negative - i.e. you got poor command of English. If you keeping thinking so, it will become so.

    Trust me, your English is so much better compare to so many people out there. Therefore, keep it up!!! and I enjoy following your blog as you keep up updated on so many interesting things that happen in Sibu.



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