Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A True Original Supporter

Suddenly thought of telling a story...

This story is purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual individuals or events is coincidental.

Once upon a time.. in one corner of the earth, it lived a guy named Myso. Myso is a guy who claimed himself as an original products supporter. From time to time he urged people around him to buy original products. However, they not really agree with him as most of them can't afford to buy original with poor income. So, they complaint to Myso, "We can't afford to owned original software! You see, we used MS Office, Photoshop, Flash and so on but the licenses cost few thousands! Where to find money for that?"

With very steady voice and tone, Myso shared with them how he can afford original software. He shouted, "One day collect one dollar la! Don't tell me you can't do that? I am doing it, so can you!"

"Oh ya, what a brilliant idea! Why we never thought of that! No wonder he is the top person here!", thought in the mind of people who were listening to Myso's great philosophy. Most people were very impressed and nearly cried with his desire of supporting original including 2 pretty girls who by coincident happened to pass by the place and shared this great moment. Nobody knew if the girls' heart were moved by Myso's great idea or not, but it's hard to deny such a great person in the world I guess!

Anyway, forget about the pretty girls.. they were just passing by...

The great feeling only last for few seconds, maybe less than 10. Then when everybody was cooling down, their brain became more functional and started to think:

"Is it possible? One day one dollar? Yes! sounds very logic, but how long I should collect the money before I can afford one original software? Let say Photoshop which cost more than a thousand in local currency. One dollar x 365 days = 365 dollars a year and I need to collect at least 3 years to get one. When I get one, then I need another 3 years for the next software and this continued.. at the time I got my 4th software, it's more than 10 years time! At that time, the money value may depreciate, a software that costs a thousand 10 years back may cost 2 thousands now!"

People started to doubt about Myso's philosophy. They wondered since he's a true original software supporter (as he claimed), what is he using inside his computer now since he is as well collecting money to buy original software? As far as they understood Myso, he is someone who can never live without computer.

Thus, Mr L broke the silence and voiced out. He asked Myso, "Did you install Photoshop in your pc?" Myso replied "Of course!". "Then is it original?", asked Mr L with full curiosity. "I am thinking of change it to original also!", this is how Myso replied Mr L.

All people were stunned when listened to Myso's answer! With doubtful look, another guy Mr T quickly asked him, "Then is your Windows original?". Myso answered "I did bought an original XP before. It came with my notebook". Mr T was thinking "WTF??" and further asked him "But how about your current pc? No need to use original?". Myso scolded him "You crazy ar?!! Buy one windows already enough la! What for I buy the second one?".

Gosh, all the people there nearly fainted! Now they realized what Myso's philosophy on supporting original is all about! It is support BY MOUTH and not BY ACTION!

The people later discovered that Myso is an anime fanatic where he used to download all kinds of anime from the web using P2P technology. Don't blame him, he is just practicing his own philosophy - support original BY MOUTH!

Moral of the story: Don't be a NATO (No Action Talk Only)!

Important Note: The story is not intended to support pirated, in fact supporting original products should become a habit in our daily life. However, please support with your true action. If you are not prepare for this, then better keep your mouth shut because by this way, at least you still win some respect.


  1. Myso, hahaha...Nice story though...

  2. ccwen, i love you i love you, muah muah muah....hhahha...

  3. hahaha..... muahahaha.... LOLx
    very funny indeed.

  4. wei my friend, i know who are you talking about. hihihihi... i know u know. Sparkish also know that person. hahahahaha... quite true as well. U really know how to describe that person in words.

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