Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh No! Flood!

Not again!! Is flooded again in Sibu! Last time there was a saying from Sibu people - "There will be a big flood in every 10 years". But recent years, it is not too over if you say "There will be 10 floods in a year"! Can you see the different?

Maybe you and me can see, but some local politicians can't! Experienced Rejang River users telling them that the main cause of frequent flooding in Sibu is the shallowed riverbed resulted from illegal logging upstream thus riverbed needs to be cleared.

Instead of believe these experienced users who had been working on Rejang River for few decades and willing to give free consultancy to the local politicians, the local politicians prefer to spend tax payers' money and hired so called "expert" from China to look into the problem then came out with the solution which couldn't even solve any problem until today!

Today, because of the high tide and Rejang River water overflowed resulted from its shallowed riverbed, a lot of places in Sibu were flooded again! I almost caught in the flood when I was riding my bike passing through Jalan Pedada. Luckily I am quite familiar with that area and with quite lengthy searching and illegal turnings, finally I found my way back to town center.


  1. Too bad, shame on Sibu politician...

  2. 文文,还是你努力,周游列“区”。。。。哈哈哈

  3. aiyo... sibu flood again...
    may be they should do a "SMART' tunnel to manage the flood, just like KL...hahaha... and spend billions of tax payers' money


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