Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dry, Hot and Hazy!

Sibu is facing dry, hot and hazy weather these few days! The temperature reaching up to 35 degree Celsius in the afternoon time.

Besides that, the air is full of strong smoke smell because of some open burning by those irresponsible person or caused by the bush fire. That's why early in the morning when sunrise, the sun light is red in color and it is not the usual yellowish.

The streets were covered with haze but the visibility still acceptable. Yet the smelly air is really bad for health.

In the past, usually this kind of extremely hot and dry weather would only happen in the middle of a year, normally June but somehow we are still facing this kind of weather in August! Is this indicates that global weather is changing slowly because of human activities? Perhaps we should seriously think about this issue and take necessary precautions to prevent it from getting worse!

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