Friday, August 7, 2009

3rd Royal Ranger Regiment Exhibition @ Sibu Time Square (Part 1)

In conjunction with the 44th anniversary celebration of 3rd Battalion Royal Ranger Regiment a.k.a. 3 RRD (Rejimen Renjer Diraja Batalion ke-3), an exhibition had been held at Sibu Time Square compound from 6th-7th August 2009.

I just happened to visit to the exhibition after office hour today just to take a look on what's the situation over there. Honestly, I am quite interested in this army's stuffs especially about their weapons and different kind of equipment they used in combat.

The thing that excited me when I reached there was the properly "decorated" camps. Yes! It gave me the feel of the camp in the middle of war zone!

This camp is called "Survival 3RRD". Why so? Well, in this camp, various methods of surviving skills of the rangers in jungle were displayed to the public.

These were the model of houses or shelters that rangers build when they were inside the jungle.

These were the model of traps that constructed by rangers to protect themselves from wild life that may threaten their life in the jungle. According to one soldier who patiently explained the mechanism of these traps to me, traps can be divided to life or death traps. These traps cannot be simply build inside the jungle unless it is necessary. However, when the trap is unused, it must be removed so that it won't hurt anybody who may walk pass the area.

Rangers also have the skill to use natural material such as bamboo and cane to create bowls or cups. This is part of their surviving skill when they live in the jungle.

The thing that impressed me the most in this camp were the wild animals which I never saw in such a close distance before.

First, it was the "musang" or in English it should be called civet? The ranger told me this animal was hardly found because human was hunting them for its medical value.

Then there was a snake in another cage.

An owl! She was so pretty! This was the first time I saw a real owl!

There was also a baby bear which only 4 months old! The innocent eyes and its cutiness really touched my heart! One of the ranger dare to put his finger into his mouth. He said it was not hurt as the teeth haven't properly grown yet.

At another camp, it showed the food suppliment brought by the rangers into the jungle and how they cooked them.

This is a package of dried foods that brought by the rangers into the jungle. According to a soldier, a package is for 2 days supply.

The package includes matches, rice, sugar, Vitamin B and C pills, instant coffee, instant milk powder, tea bags, pineapple jam, some biscuits and also packet foods.

Few visitors and me were quite curious about the packet food. Some even asked if they can buy the packet foods from the stall. I think our curiosity brought some attention to the soldiers on duty. One of them was kind enough to open one packet to let us had a try of the food. Can you guest what is inside?

It was actually curry chicken! Yes! It can be eaten instantly without cook just like tin foods! Its taste? Well... just taste like curry chicken in can. It was quite tasty and nice enough to eat with white rice.

The soldier also opened the biscuit for us to try with pineapple jam but I didn't try that.

Before I left the stall, I shook hand and express my gratitude to the soldiers on duty who really show their friendliness to us.

I still have much to share about this exhibition. So if you wanna know more, please stay tune. I will reveal more in the coming post.


  1. ya loh, not visit yet, i think got many things to see, right ?!

  2. stupid lah, only two days, I miss it !!

  3. Actually not many thing to see... the modern weapons were not shown to the public which quite disappointed me. Yeah... I only knew it was just 2 days when I visited the place and asked the soldier on duty.


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