Saturday, August 1, 2009

Taking Part In Fund Raising Food Fair 09 @ Sibu Agape Centre

It was a Saturday morning again. I forced myself to wake up early today as I needed to attend my duty at Sibu Agape Centre which is located at Jalan Alan. A fund raising foods fair organized by Sibu Artistic Association was held there and company's social club was taking part in it. As a committee member, I just have to help up with the stall arrangement and also foods selling.

The event supposed to start at 8.00am, but I arrived at the place at around 7.45am. The parking space already fulled as early as that, I guessed most of them were come early for the charity help up for their organization.

Company's social club president, Leong arrived around 8am bringing the foods and other necessities needed for this food fair. 4 of us, Fu, Thomas, Toh and me were there to help moving the things in and prepared the stall.

These were what we sell on the food fair. Nothing too complicated, just the special chinese herbal eggs and also herbal drinks in can called "Wong Lo Kat".

We sold them in more flexible way, "Buy 2 eggs get 1 drink free" costs RM10, OR if just want to buy the eggs, it was RM10 for 3 eggs OR 3 cans of drink costs RM20. Sounds quite expensive, but bear in mind... this was for charity!

Because lack of variety, it was really not easy to attract visitors to our stall at the beginning. We just had to shout out "Cha Ye Dan... Cha Ye Dan, anybody want?" just to attract some attention from the visitors. If they approach, then we would further explain about our selling packages to them.

Our job became harder when the stall next to us which is belongs to Subur Tiasa became our competitor in selling herbal eggs. They were selling at the price cheaper than us, 4 eggs for RM10.

Therefore, we had to change our strategy by selling at the same rate as them. We also reduced the rate for the drinks to 2 cans for RM10.

At about 10.45am, about 200 eggs and 72 cans of drinks had been sold out! After a rough calculation, we had raised nearly a thousand of fund! Well, I know it was not much, but we just tried to contribute within our ability.

It was a great morning for me doing something very meaningful! I guess other committee members who were helping up in the event enjoyed the time too!


  1. Hi,are you working with Mafrica Corporation?Mafrica also involves in developing iPhone application?Since when Mafrica venture into IT/software engineering?

  2. Sorry, heartbreakkid. I am not from Mafrica and I am not too sure if they did venture into software engineering or not. Anyway, this morning Mafrica's stall just near to us and they were selling various kind of foods as well as some painting wearing their very eyes-catchy bright-green t-shirt.

  3. I asked because I saw the eye catching bright green t-shirts in your photos.Haha..Mafricare.Ok I know you're with Perridot.Cool.

  4. oh doman, i even dont know this event, why not coupon sales this time leh ?!

  5. Not sure why the coupon is not on sale this time within our company... didn't really care actually. I just knew I had being asked to go there just for help up...

  6. Mafrica? Itu IJ bro is the big boss there. Beware. Hahahahahaha

  7. Wah! You sure Chamb?! Mafrica is belongs to SMC president wo...


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