Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yamcha @ Uncle Dom Cafe

Uncle Dom Cafe is a new eating establishment located at Lorong Chew Siik Hiong, somewhere behind Rejang Medical Centre in Sibu.

I had been hearing about this place from colleagues, therefore I suggested to have a try with buddy of mine. When first stepped into the place, I had a strong feeling of being inside the Ipoh Old Town franchise cafe with old and nostalgic photos used as the wallpaper at one corner. These nostalgic photos were purely localized and reflecting some of the Sibu sceneries at old days.

At another corner of the cafe, a giant photo showing a breakfast set consists of a cup of hot coffee and a plate of half-boiled eggs was used as the wallpaper. It gave me the old-town feel again!

Wheareas the wall near the entrance is decorated with colorful foods' photos to stimulate saliva of the customers walking into the shop.

Now come to the foods. A waitress presented us with a nicely printed menu. There were variety of foods and beverages to choose from, yet the prices are rather expensive. I mean the prices are at standard that I used to pay at the similar kind of restaurant in KL. With the income standard average Sibu people earned compared to KL, I would consider these prices are expensive.

After looking through the menu, I finally decided to order a Penang Char Kueh Teow. It tasted good, with wider Kueh Teow fried with some chinese pork sausages, eggs, vege, taugeh and also some small prawns. The portion was quite big and suitable to order if you are really hungry. It costs RM7.90.

For the drink, I went for ice blended chocolate. It priced at RM4.90.

My buddy ordered a chicken chop in black pepper sauce. It came with some beans in tomato sauce, french fries and also caleslaw - typical western food set combination. The chicken chop not really tasty, maybe because of the chicken quality. This set costed him RM8.90. He also ordered a cup of ice blended chocolate.

At the end of the day, this is the bill... with 5% of service charge added to the bill, the total amount is RM27.95 for 2 persons.

While I was busy snapping on the foods, one of the cute waitress sending the food to our table asked me if I did that for blogging. She then told us that she has the same hobby. Hence, I requested for her blog. Without much hesitation, she wrote down her blog address on a piece of paper, but insisted that she couldn't write well.

Anyway, I had read through her blog, not bad really with quite a lot of write up and photos. If you have time, maybe you can pay her a visit at the address shown in above pic.

As a whole, I would say Uncle Dom Cafe is a nice dinning place with comfortable environment and free wifi service despite the food prices might not be acceptable generally by some of the Sibu people.


  1. Tried 3 times already, food is average with a bit expensive price, environment is not bad though.

  2. 你就好咯,有美眉给你blog address,哈哈。。。

  3. 不用羡慕。。。你们两条友今晚就可以出动。。。再去那里喝茶咯!但别忘了带相机哦!


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