Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vessel Hit It Again!

It happened again! This is not the first but the 2nd time pavilion at Jiang Zhuang Garden being hit by container vessel!

Last year on 29th May 2008, 1 out of total 2 pavilions owned by Jiang Zhuang Association beside Sibu Tua Pek Kong Temple accidentally being knocked by a vessel and entirely collapsed!

After one year, the association started the rebuilding of the collapsed pavilion. While the reconstruction still in progress, on 17th August 2009 which was about 10 days ago, the other pavilion which escaped the tragedy a year ago this time couldn't avoid the unfortunate incident.

The pavilion was hit when a container vessel wanted to berth at the adjacent Rejang Port Authority. Athough there is saying that strong river wave might be one of the cause of the incident but I guess poor seamanship would be the main reason.

After being hit, the pavilion was damaged badly and totally collapsed! There were 2 persons, one fishing and another one resting under the pavilion at the time the tragedy occured, but luckily both of them were not hurted and saved.

Well, I was wondering if the association did consider about all these when they decided to build the pavilions that close to the port. Anyway, today the association's president told the press that maybe the council should consider building few piers to avoid the vessels to navigate too close to the pavilions, but I am doubt if that is the best solution.

Let say if the vessel hit the piers that protect those pavilions, is that means council shall use taxpayers money to rebuild those damaged piers just to protect the pavilions? I can't see its logic here!

Is this a pure incident? Or a karma?

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  1. the seaman got cross eye eh. Cannot focus the distance.


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