Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Stories On Latest WLM Installation...

When I was about to sign in to my Windows Live Messenger (WLM) last night, the application prompted me if I would like to upgrade it to the latest version. Only 2 choices given, either "Yes" or "No".

Initially I chose "No" as I thought the current version is sufficient enough. Furthermore newer version usually means bigger file, more complicated but rarely used function added which might use up more computer resources. However, choosing this option disallowed me to continue sign in to the messenger.

I got no choice, but to choose "Yes" on the 3rd attempt. This option triggered auto download the latest version of the messenger. It took about 15 minutes to download, then upon completion, the installer auto executed. At this point, the real problem popped up!

A dialog box prompted to notify me the Windows Installer in my computer was outdated. The alert message looked familiar and it reminded me I actually faced the same problem before on the same pc. That time I was trying to install another Microsoft related application called Windows Live Writer, a word-processing-like desktop application which provides a platform to ease desktop blogging before publish it to the chosen blog on the net.

In my memory, I did patch the Windows Installer but it returned zero effect. I gave up the installation that time as it was not that important after all. However, same problem emerged again but this time it involved my daily use application - the Windows Live Messenger!

I knew I couldn't just let it be. Did so will mean I could never use the chatting tool anymore. I planned to seek advices the next day from few colleagues of mine who are experts dealing with various kind of software problems. So for the time being, I just made use of Meebo to access my messenger account on the net.

I had no choice but to temporarily put the problem aside while looking forward for experts' view. Coincidentally, I got a new game to be installed on my pc. In the installation progress, I noticed that the game somehow download and install something called ".Net framework 3.1 SP1" into my harddrive. That reminded me on something, "maybe my Windows Installer problem which I couldn't solve have something to do with the .Net Framework version on my pc which I never upgrade it before?", I was thinking that time.

[Upgraded - Windows Live Messenger 2009]

After the game's installation completed, I couldn't wait but immediately tried to download and install the latest messenger while putting my finger cross! Bingo!!! I was so excited when seeing the installation dialog box popped up in front of my eyes! I knew now I could proceed to the installation! I even could install Windows Live Writer which I failed to do on my previous attempt! This also meant my unresolved "Windows Installer" problem was finally resolved! I felt great!!

[Windows Live Write finally on my pc!]

So next time, if you face the similar problem as mine which is "Windows Installer not up-to-date" popup when you wish to install any Windows related program, you may consider and try out this solution - upgrade .Net Framework version in your pc as some of the latest application now may need the latest .Net framework for proper execution.

Good luck!


  1. sounds like u n chun got problem with messenger. for me, i dun have that problem coz i think i always turn on the auto update for my XP. so normally i dun care what updates that have been done as long as my OS still working.

    That day i mentioned that i cant use firefox to blog, rite.... dunno why suddenly now okay back. think also got something to do with updates that have been done to the windows. so weird.........

  2. For a known reason, we usually do not turn on the auto update, hehe.

  3. Yes... what PS said is true... you should know our "difficulty" here... hahaha.. ;p

  4. hahaa... i thought u bought the bundled software together ma. :p

  5. haiya, why don't you use Window 7 ?!? if use window 7, you will not face this problem loh,hahaha....


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