Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seven Thousands of Lanterns @ Sibu Streets

Recently if you walk onto Sibu street near the town center, you will notice something special. Total of 7000 red lanterns were hung high above the streets in conjunction with this year's mid-autumn festival celebration event.

The lanterns were hung above the streets starting from Sibu Tua Pek Kong Temple, to Channel Road (along Sibu Central Market), then from here it turns to Chambers Road passing by Pansar and Sibu Chinese Chamber of Commerce building towards Sibu Gateway.

[The lanterns started from Tua Pek Kong Temple]

[From the temple towards Channel Road]

[Along Channel Road where Sibu Central Market is located]

[View from another end of Channel Road]

[From Channel Road the lanterns turned into Chambers Road]

[Along the Chambers Road]

[From Chambers Road heading Sibu Gateway]

[A view at Sibu Gateway]

At Sibu Gateway, there were hundreds of colorful lanterns covering the square. It was the efforts from few local social associations cooperative with the local council as a way to celebrate the coming Mid-Autumn Festival as well as to attract more tourists visit to this town in conjunction with visit Sibu Year 2009.

[Hunderds of colorful tanglung covering the square]

The tanglung were hung in such a way so that they look like a red dragon flying across the sky of Sibu. For Chinese, dragon is the symbol of good luck! When a dragon flies across the sky, it will bring good fortune to the people at that place.

The dragon head will be placed at Tua Pek Kong Temple and Sibu Gateway is where the dragon tail is. At my time of shooting these photos, the head not being installed yet. The light-on ceremony will be held on 25th September which is tomorrow. Guess it will look tremendous at night time when all the lanterns light are on!

[Another view at Sibu Gateway with hundreds of lanterns covering its sky]

[Well arranged lanterns' shadows under the hot sun]

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