Friday, September 26, 2008

History Making First Ever F1 Night Race!

As a Formula One fan, I am very excited toward this. Singapore, our neighbor country is organizing their first ever F1 racing officially starting today!

The most exciting part is not about Singaporean organizing this world class sports event, but it's about the first and the only night race in F1 history! Can you imagine before these we were watching formula one race in a bright and clear environment, and in this SingTel Singapore Grand Prix, it's totally a contrast! With the dark surrounding, the spectators and the drivers will be more focus on the race track brighten by hundreds of street lights and spot lights. This will make the whole race become more exciting and watchable!

I think this is really a brand new experience not only for the drivers and their team but also for the F1 fans. No wonder some of the drivers can't wait for this race as they wanted to try out the new challenge in their racing career. For the fans, the final result of the race will be unpredictable as their favorite drivers are trying to get use to this new driving experience thus may affected their concentration and speed.

As for me which can't go to Singapore to watch the live show, I'll pay my attention to the tv live broadcast if there is any. Besides that, Internet will be my premier source to get the information about the entire race. No matter I can watch it live through tv or not, I am waiting for the race day with full excitement. Let us see who will be the the first ever F1 Grand Prix winner in the first ever night race in the formula one history!


Here are some information about 2008 Formula One SingTel Singapore Grand Prix:

Race Date: 28 September 2008 8.00pm
Number of laps: 61
Circuit Name: Marina Bay Street Circuit
Circuit Length: 5.067km
Race Distance: 309.087km
Location: Marina Bay, Singapore

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