Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am not sure why I can come out with such term. I know you may not be able to find this word in the dictionary or if you type the word on Microsoft Word, it'll be underlined with red to indicate spelling error, but I just can't resist myself to think that I am miseducated in this country.

Since I was study in kindergarten, then primary school till secondary school and then further my study in a local university, I had being directly or indirectly taught with something called Pendidikan Moral (Civic/Moral education). Actually even since I not yet started my schooling life, my parents already taught me with the moral values in life so that I could become a better person in my growing up process.

Still remember the story "Washington and the Cherry Tree"? The story told about the young George Washington received a new hatchet and then used it to chop down his father's most favorite cherry tree. When his father discovered and looked for the culprit with anger, the young Washington cried out and said "I cannot tell a lie, father, you know I cannot tell a lie! I did cut it with my little hatchet".

Is that reminded you what is the story all about? I think I had been told about that story since I was very small and even until today, I still remember about the story. The moral of the story is simple - honesty. Don't tell lie, admit your misdeed or wrongdoing and responsible for it. Then, apologize on that and don't repeat it again.

Well, at least that is one of the moral value among many that accompany my growth. But recently, I felt doubt about it. I am doubtful if the moral behind the story that accompany me all these while is true. I have the feeling that I had been miseducated.

If not, why Datuk Ahmad Ismail who made the racist remark about Chinese are just the "squatters" of this country never bother about his misdoing? If not, why he never bother to apologize about his remark that hurt deeply thousands of Malaysian's heart? If not, why he no need to responsible on what he said?

Instead, his boss made the open apology on behalf of him while he is hiding somewhere that no one knows. We can't ask our father to apology on behalf of us when we did something wrong, can we? Of course you can if you want, but in chinese cultural, you are not filial piety ( I just found out this special english term, if you wish to know more what it means, just click on the wording and wiki it!) and you are a不孝子 (a son that has no respect to your parents).

In an organization, we can't expect our boss to apologize on behalf of us for our mistakes or wrongdoing, can we? Take an example, if you exposed company's business secret to the competitors, will your boss apologize for you? If you created problems in the office which raise the uncomfortableness to the other staffs till they lose their focus on works, will your boss apologize on behalf of you? Don't dream about it! If you did so, you just have 2 choices: you resign or wait for "fried sotong" (a chinese informal saying to describe get fired) ;p

So I just don't understand about this Ahmad Ismail case. He obviously did something very wrong which may ruin the country's unity that we all trying very hard to maintain for the past 51 years but he needs not to responsible for it. He doesn't have to apologize nor admit on it. Instead his boss was apologize on behalf of him.

That's why, I said I am miseducated. I had been told to be honest, responsible to what you do and what you talk, admit your mistakes then don't repeat it. This is what I being taught all these while. But in real life, even our leaders who suppose to be our role model do not even bother to apply it.

So this is miseducation or what?

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  1. This is just another example of hit and run in our country's political scene. Lousy politicians can do stupid mistake and just pretend nothing has happened and get away with it... GRrrr...


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