Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bulan Ramadhan and Bazaar Ramadhan

It is Bulan Ramadhan again, a fasting and holy month for all the Muslims.

For a non-Muslim like me, beside my respect to this holy month, the most exciting part about this month is the Bazaar Ramadhan. Bazaar Ramadhan is an area temporary set up by local council to allow the Muslims to sell their foods and drinks to earn extra pocket money for the coming Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration.

This is the Bazaar Ramadhan in Sibu which I visited this evening. It's situated at the town center, just opposite the Sibu City Square near Wisma Sanyan. The sky was quite dark at the time I went there, but luckily it didn't rain.

[The Bazaar]

[The crowd]

[The Stalls]

You can find all sort of Malay foods at the Bazaar Ramadhan which can really make you drooling! Here are some of them.

This is Keropok Lekor one of my favorite Malay snack! I still remember when I was having Industrial Training in KL many years ago, I loved to buy this snack while I was waiting for bus to go home at Klang Bus Stand. Last time, it's 7 pieces for RM1, but now only 5 pieces for RM1. Not only the price is increased, but the pieces also become smaller and thinner :(
There was a stall that really caught my eyes. It's the stall that sold Nasi Biryani! Nasi Biryani is the rice cooked with special spices and it's one of the favorite food in Malay society.
[Nasi Biryani]

This is how they bungkus (pack) it. First of all, put a big pieces of chicken cooked with curry on the plastic wrapper.
Then, scooped a bowl of Nasi Biryani and covered it onto the curry chicken.
The rice sold at RM6.50 per packet. I think it's delicious, well at least it looks delicious but I didn't buy it just now. Whoever happen to go there, maybe you can buy one and try?

If you like barbeque foods, there are a section selling this. I heard the hawker shouted "Satu ekor 14 ringgit!" (One chicken for RM14)
I was also attracted by the colorful cakes and drinks. Malay community is very good in making and baking cakes. I really admire their skills in this.
These are some of the drinks and deserts:

Aren't the foods and drinks look delicious? Did your saliva hanging outside your mouth now?

I would like to wish all the Muslims, especially my Muslim friends Selamat Berpuasa!

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  1. very delicious looking and colorful, I'm just worried abt the coloring in there...hahaha...


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