Tuesday, September 23, 2008


If I ask a question: What is I.S.A.? A lot of people will not hesitate to tell me it's the act or law used against Miss Teresa and Mr Pete recently. It's also an act to protect the civilians whose life have been threaten especially the reporters.

So fellow reporters, now you can do your job without any worry, there is an act to protect your professionalism.

What is ISA in full? Isabella? Industrial Standard Architecture? Internal Security Act? International Standard Atmosphere? Err.. I didn't see any of these words in the newspaper I read this morning. What I saw is "Ikut Suka Aku".

Ikut Suka Aku? Ok ok... let me show you some scenarios how this I.S.A. is used.


Scenario 1:
As usual, Mr Pete was having dinner with his family. Suddenly, his house was ambushed by the police. The whole family was caught of surprise. Mr Pete was handcuffed then he asked one of the police, Inspector Hamid. "Why you arrest me?" Insp. Hamid told him "ikut suka aku" la... Mr Pete was confused. He don't know what he had done wrong but he had been arrested in surprise just because "ikut suka aku"... he can do nothing about it.

Scenario 2:
Miss Teresa was driving home to celebrate Lantern Festival with the family. On her way home, her car was blocked by few police cars. She was not sure what happened but the police kept asking her to step down from the car, then brought her to the police station. On the way to the police station, Miss Teresa asked one of the police in the police car, Insp. Hamid with her panic look, "ma ta Hamid.. apa lu tiba-tiba bawak gua makan angin? Gua takla masa o, mau balik makan biskut bulan dengan mama gua"! Insp Hamid responded to her with his serious look, "Ikut Suka Aku"! Miss Teresa can do nothing but to follow Insp Hamid to the police station.

Scenario 3:
A reporter suddenly caught by police. She was helpless. So, she asked the police on duty, Insp Hamid why she was caught in sudden? Insp Hamid, as usual with his serious look replied, "Ikut Suka Aku la! I want to treat you coffee and protect you, cannot ar?" The reporter eyes were wet with tears because she suddenly feel the world treated her so nicely!


So by now you understand how this I.S.A is used?

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  1. this is a good one.. Ikut Suka Aku... hahaha...


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