Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Evolution of Thought (Part 1)

It was back in year 1991. When I just entered secondary school. That was the first time I knew about him, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI). He was still the Education Minister that time.

I was from a chinese medium primary school and I scored straight As in my Primary 6 UPSR examination (honestly, it's not to show off ok?). According to the education policy at that time, those scored straight As in UPSR from Chinese medium schools were allowed to entered Form 1 directly without going through additional year of transition class.

So I joined Form 1 class when I first entered secondary school. Just few days after I started my Form 1 school life, DSAI came out with a new policy. Those scored straight As from chinese medium couldn't enter Form 1 directly. They had to go through a special exam and only those passed were allowed to continue Form 1 or else had to go back to Transition class.

The exam was too tough for most of the Chinese including me. Only 2 out of more than 10 in my town passed the exam. So, I couldn't continue Form 1. I was kicked back to Transition thanks to the new policy introduced by DSAI. I hated him from then on. Why before my year straight As could do Form 1 but not me? That was a stupid policy! I hate Anwar!!

Time past... I was doing my secondary school from Transition to Form 6. At that period of time, I knew nothing about politics. In fact, I had no interest at all on politics! I used to skip news about politics when I read newspaper. But my impression towards Anwar never changed. I hated him for introducing the stupid policy that disqualified me to study Form 1 directly.

Furthermore, that so called stupid policy only being used for one term. The juniors after my year were using another set of policy introduced by the new education minister. That made me hate him deeper for treating my year so "special".

DSAI became the 7th Deputy Prime Minister in 1993. I didn't actually care about that because I never like him. Yet, I still need to know the fact that he was the DPM of Malaysia. In the period he became DPM, I heard some rumors saying that DSAI was once a racial extremist when he was young. That worsen my impression towards him.


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