Saturday, November 1, 2008

Suppose A Bowling Day...

Suppose this afternoon was bowling day organized by company's recreation club. It is an annual event for club members where a mini bowling competition will be held.

[Bowling center inside look]

All the participants arrived at Sibu Bowling Center on time at 2pm. Could see some of them really excited about this event by wearing specially planned costume in a team of 4, like Hawaiian style and batik style. I think everyone wanted to take this opportunity to relax and enjoy the after-work time with colleagues.

However, we were stunned when we had been informed that out of 10 lanes we booked, only 5 were available. Others had been fully occupied and some lanes were under maintenance. It is weird, isn't it? We booked 10 lanes few weeks in advanced but why not reserve for us?

[Most lanes were occupied and not reserved for us]

After meeting with bowling center person-in-charge, probably the manager, we even stunned by the answer given. It's truly unreasonable, illogical and unprofessional! Why? He claimed that our company given them bad air-cond service (maybe our company is the air-cond supplier to the bowling center which I never know!) So now they also given back lousy service for us!

Halo!! Is it some kind of revenge or what? We are just bunch of innocent staffs who wanted to relax in your bowling center by spending the same amount of money that normal customers paid for bowling games! Are you treating customers in that way? If you have problem with the company, then complain to the boss or boycott the company's products but not revenge on the innocent who are related to the company! This is truly unprofessional!!!

[Participants were waiting patiently outside the bowling center hoping for good news]

If you want to revenge in professional way, let me teach you - don't accept our booking at the first place! Just tell us the center is fully occupied all the time as long as anybody from our company trying to make the booking using company's name or any name which can associate with the company! You can also tell us the lanes are under maintenance, your air-conds are malfunctioning or any other excuses that you can think of which make sense to the mankind and indirectly let us know you don't want to do our business! This is what we called professional way, but not directly trying to tell people that "I want to revenge"!! When you want to kill a person, will you tell him, "I want to kill you!"? Fool!!

We even brought in Sibu "dai-ko-dai" (big brother - gangster head in Cantonese dialect) to negotiate with the management, but the result was still the same - "only 5 lanes left, you want you take it, otherwise you go back!".

[Sibu "dai-ko-dai?"]

Oppss! Just kidding! He is not "dai-ko-dai" of Sibu! He is actually one of the department head in our company. A very friendly, sporting, smart and funny nice guy! He was helping to negotiate with the management but didn't get positive result either.

So we got no choice but to think of an alternative. It was a big disappointment from bowling center Sibu and it spoilt everybody's mood! After some discussion, finally, the president of recreational club made the decision to leave the place and went to KFC for "Finger Lickin' Good" time!!

[Here we come! Finger Lickin' Good time!!]

"Finger lickin' good" time was good! Most of us joining but some rather went back home after the disappointment from Sibu bowling center. Those joined staffs utilized the time in KFC to mix and chit chat with each other which is hard to be done on normal working hours.

[Club members utilized the time by enjoying free air-cond, chit-chatting and mixing with each others]

Of course we went to KFC not just to enjoy its free air-cond and chit-chatting. We also tasted what "Finger Lickin' Good" really is! We ordered 6 buckets of hot and spicy cum original recipe chicken as well as large whipped potatoes and coleslaws to be divided to all the members and their families. The expenses were paid by the club. We spent the money initially planned to be spent on bowling but now in eating.

[Hot and spicy chickens]

[Large coleslaw]

[Large whipped potato]

[Pepsi Max]

Anyway, I think although we couldn't make it for bowling, but we had a good time having gathering in KFC. Can't be denied that disappointment had been made due to bowling center unprofessional act, but gathering in KFC at least filled up some of these disappointment. At least, either of these 2 activities serve only one goal - creating time and space for the club members to mix with each others. I think the club achieved the goal!

++++++ p/s ++++++

Sibu Bowling Center management is really a big disappointment and failure! Maybe it is the only bowling center in Sibu that's why they can act arrogantly without taking care of customers' feeling. Nevermind... I guess we can help to spread the news to the public on how good your management is. Don't worry... we will always do it in professional way!!


  1. Really illogical and unprofessional lah !!!!!!! one of casualty here and one of enjoy KFC here also, hahahaha....... stupid bowling center, no word.

  2. what type of revenge that they are taking... where got people do business like that? Terrible!


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