Friday, November 7, 2008

RPK is freed!

Yes! Finally Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) - the owner of Malaysia Today is freed from ISA detention today! I am sure all RPK supporters are very excited and cheerful towards the court's decision!

During this 5-day-shy to 2 months' detention, not only him but his family had suffer a lot. It won't be easy days staying in Kamunting detention center for such long period of time neither his wife, Marina Lee Abdullah and his two daughters who were waiting for him at home for reunion.

During his detention, the public especially his supporters had organized various kind of activities to show their support to this true patriot of the country. Among the activities held were candle light vigils, go-bald campaign, signing online petition to abolish ISA and wearing "Free RPK" or "I am with RPK" t-shirt.

[Candle vigil]

After almost 2 months, finally RPK was free! I felt relieved and at the same time happy for him as well as for his family. Raja Petra, just take a good rest. There is a Chinese saying, "Resting is for continuing a longer journey". We hope you can recover soon and after that can continue to become our mouth and ears to expose any wrong-doing in corridor of power and to fight for a better Malaysia!

Long live RPK!!

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